Is the Maytag 4000 series this machine?

Steph MorrisDecember 27, 2009

I bought the Maytag washer 4.5cu ft washer about 3 weeks ago at Best Buy. It was the MHWE450WW. I got a washer that says "4000 series" on it. Is this the right machine? What is the difference between that at the MHWE400WW?? I can't tell by looking at pix on line but I am concerned I got the wrong machine (the interior seems much smaller than my 10 year old top loading machine).

I can't even tell from the Maytag website! Thanks for any advice.


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Both of those washers are Maytag 4000 series you'll have to find the model number on your washer to be sure its a 450.

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I don't understand. Didn't you look at it before you bought it? Seems to me you would have seen the appearance of it being smaller if you did. But to put your mind at ease, or to confirm your suspicion, you can just look at the model number on the unit. It's probably on on the back of the machine. Double check your receipt too. Just to make sure you were sold the machine you wanted, then confirm they delivered the machine you bought.

Keep in mind that the front loader will not have the agitator taking up space so the capacity can be deceiving when you just look into it.

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I bought the 4000 series in Jan. What a piece of crap. I had a Neptune before and it was great. This one doesn't wash worth a hoot. I will NEVER buy another Maytag product if this is an example of their current workmanship.

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