Pink CFL lighting

enrightDecember 26, 2009

I have TCP pink CFL bulbs throughout my home because they cast a beautiful pink glow. They are 13 watt bulbs. My husband complains that the bulbs do not cast enough light, even though he likes the shade of the light cast. I have a very difficult time finding these bulbs and can only get them online.

TWO QUESTIONS: (1) Any ideas on how I can get this soft pink look when I put recessed lights in my kitchen? and (2) where can i find these types of bulbs in a greater wattage?

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If the fixture is rated for it, use a 23 w. pink CFL. It's equivalent to a 100 w. incandescent lamp. To find one for sale just google it.

However the larger lamp uses 77% more electricity.

Putting these lamps in recessed housings is another matter. CFL's with intergal ballasts are intended to be retrofitted into fixtures designed for incandescent/halogen lamps. The ballast location at the base of the lamp can cause it to overheat if there is not a lot of ventilation in the fixture. A reflector type incandescent/halogen lamp is designed to throw as much light and heat as possible out of the recessed fixture. Manufacturer's say anything to sell their retrofit CFL's. Some configure the CFL's to look like reflector spot and flood lamps. Also, these lamps are rarely dimmable unless they are specially designed and then they cost a lot more.

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Thank you Macy. I found the 23 watt pink cfls. I think you are telling me not to use these in my recessed fixtures without saying this exactly. True?

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