cross posted with kitchen forum re: unreliable kichler led ucls

karen_belleDecember 17, 2012

see my thread on the kitchen forum about kichler ULCs that will not last 12 months.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen forum post

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It looks like you have the low voltage Kichlers.

There are several options
1. Fix the broken components.
2. Switch to another low voltage solution.
3. Switch to direct wire.

The following link has more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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I thnk these units have built-in transformers. They should be wired in parallel, but I am not sure since I did not do the installation. We had licensed electricians do the initial install, and the guy who came to do the first round of replacements is also licensed. Not that they can't make mistakes, but at least they were somewhat skilled, right?

I can certainly replace the failed fixtures. I plan to contact our lighting retailer and ask for another set of [free] replacement units. I expect she will decline to provide those and then I will be writing a letter to Kichler. I need to go look inside the boxes to verify the warranty information. [I found the info for my post on the kitchen forum online.]

Since we just had these replacement units installed in July I am just really frustrated. All of the good will I might have had for this being a relatively new device for residential use is gone.

Have you ever heard, Davidtay, that continuous usage (beyond 7 hours/day) of an LED fixture will cause the unit to have an early death? The mind boggles.

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Karen_belle, I don't really kow anything about electricity and lighting but I did notice that if you have the Design Pro series models # 12301BRZ, 12301NI, 12301WH, 12303BRZ, 12303NI, 12303WH, 12305BRZ, 12305NI, or 12305WH, according to the website, they need the following accessory: Modular LED - Power Supply Hardwire 50w #12353. It also comes in a 100w version. Maybe you have the wrong Power Supply wattage and that is why the lights are failing. Perhaps you should check with the electrician and see if you have the right sized power supply box. Of course if the model number of your lights is different than the ones above this may not apply. Just trying to think of possible reasons for you lighting problem
My Design Pro model 12056 lights did not need that or any other accessory item.

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