Olive oil stains

sharon_sDecember 29, 2007

Well, I was cooking while wearing a new shirt, of course--never happens to the old ones, and forgot to put on an apron. Sure enough, I got splashed with a bunch of olive oil and I can't get the stains out of the shirt.

I washed once with detergent rubbed into the stain and used a spray stain treater then hung the shirt to dry. Stains are still there. Any thoughts? Would dishwashing detergent work better? I'd hate to throw out the shirt; I really like it.


Sharon S.

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Dawn for dishes. Spot treat each stain--toss it into the laundry. If you have a FL you may need to cut back on the detergent to prevent over sudsing--depends on how badly splattered the shirt is. Line dry after washing. May take more than one attempt...but I've had great success with the above treatment for all sorts of oil-based stains.

Dawn is what the wildlife rescuers used to clean up the seabirds and seamammals after the Valdez spill. It's an amazing surfactant.

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Try dawn first, that's what we use. If that doesn't work, try shampoo for oily hair!

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Thank you both! I'll give it a try. If the Dawn doesn't work, I'll try the shampoo, compumom.


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Try rubbing on cornstarch. It absorbs oil.

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The Dawn worked! Yay! My shirt is saved.

ebear, I'll keep the cornstarch in mind the next time I have a fresh oil stain (and I know there will be a next time!). I bet that would help reduce what I had to work with.

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