No Window Over Kitchen Sink

catkinJanuary 7, 2010

I'm asking for some suggestions for the soon to be rental property. Sorry--no pics :(

I'll try to paint a word picture.

There is no window over the sink.

Room is 9' wide and 20' long.

At this point we're just now priming the drywall texture ( a light lacy knockdown). We have the flooring and the cabs are ordered.

Counter top will be Smoky Topaz laminate, a ten foot stretch. It's a dark sort of charcoal color with muted taupe and black mottling. There will be a double stainless sink with brushed stainless faucet/sprayer.

There will be 42" upper cabinets on either side of the sink. The cabs are an English chestnut color and are slightly traditional but not overly so (minimal beading on the inset).

The cabinet hardware will be on the contemporary side in brushed stainless.

The ceiling fixtures are a simple shallow bowl, semi-flush mount, frosted glass with matte black metal ring and bottom finial.

Wall color is SW Analytical Gray, a warm *greige*. Window/door trim will be SW Alabaster.

There will be a 36" round pedestal table at one end under a large window. The base is matte black and the top will soon be stained/Waterloxed to match the cabinets. There are two black *X-back* chairs that go with the table.

Flooring will be Cryntel Italia Stone (12" peel and stick vinyl tile) *Travertine* laid on the diagonal. It's an uneven, textural, mottled pattern with goldish, taupe, cream, charcoal, etc.

I want to put a shelf above the sink for sure and maybe a matte black oval mirror above the shelf to add to add interest and functionality.

The shelf brackets I ordered are on the contemporary side in brushed stainless and project 8-3/4". I'm told they'll work with a shelf that's around 10" deep.

Here's the question: What do you envision the shelf being made of? Would using wood and trying to match the cabinet stain color be too much? Glass is out. I saw some melamine shelves available in medium gray or black. Sounds hideous but they look clean, understated and modern and I think paired with the brushed stainless brackets might work. Can you envision that?

Being a rental, I don't want to go too crazy and try to think durabilty and style along with cost.

I'll ask the Kitchen Forum, too.

Any other suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

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Melissa Houser

If you're renting it out (unless you're renting furnished), I might not bother putting anything above the sink. Most renters will want to put their own "something" up there. I have hung pictures before and put mirrors up in other places that didn't have a window above the sink.

However, if you really want to put something there, I would put shelves. My personal preference would be something built into the wall so that it couldn't be removed when the current renter leaves. My current kitchen has 4 shelves built into the wall above the sink. I use them to display my knick knacks and to hold my canisters.

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Thank you!

That sounds nice! Our renter is a family member who's as neat and tidy as they come and is also a carpenter--so we're spoiled!

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I like the mirror idea, though I've never seen it done over a sink. Hang it high enough so it's not a Splash Catcher! My kitchen sink has a pass through to the living room. My husband's favorite chair is right under it (very convenient!) and he says I'm always splashing him, no matter how hard I try not to!

Also, my bathroom mirror is huge - wall-to-wall and ceiling to backsplash, and boy, it's always spotted and splashed. And these days, it's just hub and me doing the splashing!

Our renters never stole anything from us.


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Thanks for the input.
Great visual on DH, Sherrmann! LOL

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Does it back to a hallway? The house we just sold had that, but it was weird, not many like that!! hahaha Anyway, we installed an antique stained glass window above the sink in the wall. It was framed out & had small wood shelves on both sides.
When we sold it I had a candle buring over the sink & a faux tea lighton the hallway side for interest. I actually think people thought it was least that's what they said to my face. :)


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I second the shelves idea!

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My daughter has a mirror over her apartment sink.

I have a mirror over my cooktop.

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Melissa Houser

Here are the shelves I have over my sink. They are recessed into the wall. Please ignore the pitiful ivy, it's not trying to live for me. :)

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I think the shelves in black would be a nice option. If you're going with a black mirror, that would be the best bet.

My DD hung a mirror behind a window frame above her apartment kitchen sink. Then she put a small valance curtain over that. Really gave the feel of a window!

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Kimberly, no it doesn't. The original structure was a single car garage (which is now a bedroom and a laundry room) with a knee wall separating it from what is now a kitchen. Definitely a galley situation. There's a living room on the other side of the kitchen sink wall. What a great idea you had! Thanks to you for weighing in!

Thanks melle!

newhomebuilder--that's the idea! We won't have any cabs so I was thinking of a shelf under the black oval mirror--probably hung horizintally...

lissa that area's full of charm!

pesky--thanks for your opinion--your daughter had a great idea!

Thanks to you, I'm leaning strongly toward the black shelf!

As much as I'm loving getting this rental finished (DH dumped the project in my lap--yay!) I'll be glad when the process is over so I can start dreaming of the garden! LOL

I love Gardenweb.

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i like the shelf idea too. also my mil lives in an apt with no window above sink and she made like a faux window and has curtains too!!

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If I didn't have a window, I would hang a dish drying cabinet (like the one discussed on this link)
We have stayed in homes with these in Europe and I think they are fantastic for eliminating counter clutter.

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Thank you all for your great ideas and opinions!

I've made a decision to go with the brushed silver brackets, a black laminated 2' long x 10" deep shelf. I'll put the mirror above it.

Thanks again, Gardenwebbers!

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In my old house I had only one 6 foot run of cabinets plus the original walk in pantry with lower cabinets, wood countertop and shelving. When I redid the kitchen and had the metal cabinets from the 1940's taken out - yuck - there was an electrical box that could not be removed so I had the electrician use it as the switch for the light above the sink. Trouble was that the switch was no longer in the center and it bothered me. So to disguise the switch an yet still allow access I bought this "window" at Michaels for $10. I think it worked.

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