LED replacement for outdoor halogen flood-lights?

doofusDecember 10, 2011


I'm tired of replacing the halogen bulbs in the outside fixtures. I also can't help but notice, that those bulbs heat-up instantly upon being turned on and stay very hot âÂ" which means, I'm wasting a lot of electricity not on (visible) light, but on useless (if not dangerous) heat.

I'd like to go with LED-based solutions âÂ" any advice? The spots are all wired already (obviously), so it need not be wireless or solar-powered. Ideally I would simply replace the burnt-out halogen bulbs (150 Watt) with compatible LED ones, but I could, I suppose, replace the entire fixture as well...

Thanks for suggestions!

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The ones we have now look very much like this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon's page

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