need bright outdoor 12V spot

GoofyYnoDecember 7, 2011


I need to light a 10 foot x 10 foot art piece by my pool from 35 feet away. there is a 12 v line of ground lights- not sure of total wattage or voltage drops, but I thought I replace 1-2 existing light with some spots that would be brighter.

are there lights I should look at or is the distance too far for what I want.

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You mean something like eW Blast powercore?

Here is a link that might be useful: eW Blast link

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I have the tops of two 35' palms lit with one 35w MR16 and one 20w MR16 spots, powered by my 12v landscape system. Those are bright bulbs, and the fixtures are easily found. I believe that MR16's are also available in 50w, which I think will turn out to be brighter than you want.

Careful with pointing bulbs like that so that they affect your neighbors. They are not pleasant to look at.

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David, I'm not sure those are for 12 v systems.

pbridge good point, unfortunately there is some holes for light, that can probably be seen through the Arroyo. I actually bought a 50 w with was too much for the system , but if a 20 or 30w work for you, I will try one.


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I know the eW blast is not. However, if you're contemplating replacing fixtures for additional illumination, there are other options to consider.

Visit sites like, for some ideas and

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