Number of Recessed LEDs?

RobCarsonDecember 21, 2011


I'm trying to figure out how many recessed LED lights we'll need for our 14x16 living room. The contractor eyeballed the room and said six, which we'd run basically in a rectangle that mirrors the shape of the room, but now I'm thinking I'll add one in the middle (or maybe even bump the pattern up to three rows of three lights). Would this be too much?

These will be the Home Depot Ecosmart 6 inch light (the Cree CR6 equivalent). 8 foot ceilings.

I realize there are formulas out there that specify spacing, but these lights seem to throw wider light patterns and look brighter than standard recessed lights.

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8 CR6 lamps would be better if you intend to light the room using only recessed cans.

The output is ~ 575 lumens (rated). Total 4600 lumens. If you have dimmers, the max output is reduced by 5%.

Assuming 20 lumens per sq ft, your light requirement is 4480 lumens.

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My wife wants to be sure she can read in the room, so I guess I'll go 8 or even 9. Thanks for the info!

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