LED rail lighting decisions

gwaldDecember 14, 2013

hi - I would like to put a bendable rail with LED heads over my counter and sink. There is a junction box directly over the sink (can see this in picture) where the transformer would attach to. I am thinking one head over the sink, one over the work area (cutting board) and then one over each of the two stools at the counter (see picture). This would be a total of 4 heads. I'm considering using the "FJ scope" heads from "Edge Lighting". These are 10W heads that have easily adjustableâ beam diameters which I thought would be nice. (They are priced a little high, I think) I plan to use bendable rail so that I can match the curve of the counter.

My questionâÂÂâÂÂs are:
1. If you are familiar with these heads, does it seem worth it, price wise? (I also like the way that they look :-)

2. âÂÂâÂÂDefault is about 1" standoff from the ceiling, but I think it would look better to have a longer stand-off between ceiling and rail. Is there an optimum distance between the head and counter? Suggestions?

3. Lastly, I want the rail to have a similar curve to the counter. I'm trying to determine how far in from the edge of the counter that the rail should be located. 12"? 18"?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions or comments that anyone familiar with this can offer. âÂÂâÂÂI pasted in a picture for reference.âÂÂ

thx for any suggestions that you can offer!

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I would go with 12" inches in from the edge 18" will create a noticable gap btw if u think its a little pricey then it probably is keep looking until u find a price your comfortable with

Here is a link that might be useful: lighting shopping and installation tips

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thx brucel80 - 12" sounds good.I haven't found any that I like as much!

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have you checked out WAC lighting? I used their rail and MR16 heads and am very pleased with them. I didn't bend the rail though. I have also used some WAC recessed lights and really like them also.
if you don't have a dealer near you, WAC customer service can help you with the planning.

Here is a link that might be useful: WAC lighting

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thx jules8 - I'll take a look! Since the counter is curved, I thought it would be nice to match that curve.

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a 1" standoff is not much. I used 6" and then the bottom of the head is another 6" lower. but mine are not directly above the counter, they are about 8" away from it, so the heads are above me as I stand at the counter and angled towards the counter

how long is your counter? 4 heads might be more than you need.
I have 4 heads to cover 8ft of counter.

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