Smoked salt question

ynnejAugust 30, 2012

Hello everybody. I've used smoked salt a few times now. The first time I added it in during the cooking process as I would normal salt, but it tasted a little off, so now I've been using it as a finishing salt instead. I'm wondering, for those of you that use it, do you prefer it as a finishing salt or do you add it before cooking?

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I can't find it locally anymore but when I used to use it I used it in any manner. I found it more potent if I used it as a finishing item but would mix it in for instance in meatloaf or chili.

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Finishing. The flavor is more intense that way. I also use my Maldon sea salt as a finishing salt.


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I love to use it as a pre-salt on steaks, chops, etc.


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I've only used smoked salts for finishing as I'm afraid I'll ruin something if I put it in where I maybe shouldn't. I'm going to get adventurous though! Well, one of these days.... ;)

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