Electrical Outlet Placement

aloha2009December 8, 2011

We're adding a few electrical outlets in the utility room and are wanting the placment in unconventional places, ie inside the closets & under the built in ironing board. For those that have outlets in your closet and/or have a built in ironing board.

1. At what height did you place your closet outlets and why?

2. Did you "center" your outlets or put them to the side?

3. Do you have a single outlet with 2 plug capability or a double outlet with a 4 plug capability? I realize it's cheap for the double but seems a bit overkill.

4. Where do you plug your iron in for those with a built in ironing board. I thought we could place it in the 15" "gap" below the ironing board. What do you have and how does it work for you?

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Love your question - just last night I was wandering around my house thinking that if I ever build a house I will line the walls, hallways, kitchen, closets and bathrooms with outlets. I have the usual outlets in my house but I can never reach one. Drives me nuts.

I vote to put as many in as you can. The bigger the better. The cost difference is minimal once you pay the electrician to install them.

Good luck and enjoy all those outlets - I am very envious.

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