Dryer venting and space from wall "dryer box"

gmp3December 27, 2012

I am looking for a solution to having the dryer so far out from the wall because of the hose. We are considering stacking our washer and dryer and will probably re vent the dryer.

Has anyone tried one of these or do you have one in your new construction?

Any other suggestions out there?

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We have had one of these installed for the past 4 years. We got ours from our Chimney Sweep who cleaned our vent out. So it's made out of heavy metal similar to plenum ducts in your heating system. I've seen them in the stores but nowadays they are really flimsy. I'd only recommend a good one.
You can get close clearance with these. And the dryer seems to dry very quickly with it. Just remember to clean it out annually.

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The "Periscope" pipe or solution mentioned above is a quick fix, but they are surprisingly very very inefficient. At 7 minutes into the vid the fitting is tested (.50 wci of pressure delta).

name of vid: How to reduce your clothes drying time and save energy costs

The Dryerbox option is more work, but if the retro fit box installation goes smoothly, the benefits are huge. Here are links to installation pictures and instructions:

bottom of this page:


Generally it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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Also the periscopes are difficult to impossible to make a good or secure connection. There is really no room to aim, mate and tighten the clamp. A loose connection becomes a lint escape or dust bunny creator.

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If you find a periscope that is of good quality and installed by someone who knows how to do it.....

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Thanks, we will be venting to an exterior wall and hubby is thinking he may need to wait until spring to do it.

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