LG WaveForce WT5101 Temperature Issue

markbDecember 18, 2011

I'm at the end of my proverbial rope with this machine and it's not because I can't get clean clothes. It's because I can't get appropriate water temps.

LG replaced the motherboard and the temp sensor at my request because the Sanitary cycle temp would never get above 140 degrees despite there being plenty of time left on the timer to continue heating. Replacing those two components changed nothing. I was prepared to live with that. What I am not prepared to live with is the total inability to have a warm or hot wash. The issue with the Sanitary cycle got me curious regarding the wash temps of other cycles so I got my trusty thermopen out and ran some tests. And I couldn't believe what I discovered.

A "warm" wash on this machine is between 65 and 70 degrees. My "hot" wash topped out at a scalding 101.5 which is what I would consider warm. I realize that temps have been reduced somewhat to keep the government happy but to me this is totally unacceptable.

Am I being unreasonable in my expectations?

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Maybe you want to get in touch with this person - discovered her videos yesterday:

Here is a link that might be useful: LG Water temp issue videos

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I've seen her videos. They were one of the reasons why I decided to check my temps as well. Apparently consumers are being fooled regarding washing temperature. I intend to do something about it.

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oddly enough I have no such problems with this machine.
My sanitary cycle is around 155 degrees, hot wash in the bright whites cycle is between 120-122 degrees.
My warm/warm as long as I flush the cold water from my hot water line prior to starting the machine gets to about 90 degrees give or take a degree.
My cold water this time of year is around 54 and hot water from water heater is at 126 degrees.

We wash mostly in cold water anyway except for whites and very dirty/oily type things which we wash in the Bright Whites cycle which works just fine.

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Here's a good one for you guys. My bright whites goes to 122 degree's, sanitary went to 139 degree;s with incoming water at 118 degrees. When I tried to crank my water heater up to the max, incoming water was 135 degree's on the sanitary cycle and it kept clicking the heater on and off rapidly. I had my kill-o-watt heater plugged into it and watched the watts go up and down. After about 10 minutes of this, the cycle advanced down to 20 minutes and drained the washer to go into rinse cycle. Even though my clothes come out super clean on all cycles, Im pissed that it does not even go to what LG claimed 158-160 degree's. Buyer remorse here and I intend on writing them a letter that I am sure will be quite useless, but at least I get to vent my frustrations out. Had I known this from the get go, I wouldnt of bought it to be honest.

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I have been following these threads on front and top loaders for the last 3 months, and specifically the LG WM3550 up here in Canada (the model in the US apparently is different, for x, US model is 4.3, and the Cdn wm3550 is 5.0 cu. ft.).

LG apparently has lousy manual translators, or playing some kind of shell game with the facts.

I think it is important for the manufacturer state what is going on with their products and get their manyuals to reflect what is correct, and better train the front-line personnel.

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Thanks gates1 for posting your results. It is exactly what I expected. The sanitary cycle is limited to 140 degrees. It's the warm and hot temps on non-heater cycles that I absolutely can not accept.

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Hi there, i get my Elextrolux Wave touch today, i was reading online and it says that the sanitize cycle gets to 150 degrees. We'll see, i have some bedding to do today and towels, so i will test that out and see if its really 150 degrees.

With my Kenmore topload, (LG) i did a sanitary cycle and the water wasnt as hot as it was supposed to be.

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Markb...sad part is all new He washers are so dumbed down in temperatures its not funny. I know Mieles do what they say from what I have read on here. The new kenmore washer made by Electolux sounds impressive too. I am used to washing in warm and hot water, true warm and hot for that matter, as my old He3t did just that. I can honestly say, that my LG does clean as good in its temps as the Kenmore did. For me its a mental thing, if I want warm or hot water, thats what I want, no discussion about it. If I knew I could sell off my LG set, Id go after a Lux set. I like Miele, but too many people complain about the viberation and noise in the spin cycle. I for one, spin EVERYTHING at top speed, never had a problem with wrinkles or anything else. A good shake and toss it in the dryer and all is good. Larsi bragged about his Lux set on here, sad it cleaned better than his Miele, quieter, less viberation. All I can think of is his friends came over and said you didnt buy a meile?? So he went out and bought one. Yes Im sure the lux is not a tank built as a miele, but he sure did like it and shared it with everyone on here as I do with with my LG. Its whatever a person wants, for whatever reason I say and I mean no pun against Larsi at all

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You can actually read what @Larsi said on this link.

There were things about the Electrolux he didn't like (and things he did like) but in the end, returned to Miele for its built quality and performance (at least that's how I read it).

Not to say, others wouldn't be perfectly happy with the Electrolux.

My Miele machines are in my basement laundry which is tile over concrete so I have no vibration issues. My friend has hers on her second floor but built the room with reinforced floors. She also has no issues.

I could see how some other machines are quieter though. Even my parents entry level LG is very quiet (more quiet than my Miele I think).

Here is a link that might be useful: Excited/Embarassed/Surprised....I returned to Miele

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Livebetter, yes I have read through that posting, along with the one that he posted prior to the Excited/Embarassed one, all good information in them

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