Help me make a good decision on recessed lighting install

eds72December 6, 2012


I've done lots of reading on here but am having a hard time really boiling all the information down to a sound decision for my situation.

I am looking to install some recessed lighting in my living room. I have *partial* access to the crawlspace and believe that I have a good grasp on how to accomplish wiring and physical installation.

Where I am less confident is with regard to what type of lighting is the best balance of cost/efficiency/performance for my application.

More info:

- Must be dimmable with no hum or flickering
- Will be 9 lights total, 3 circuits of 3 lights
- Strongly desire remote control + wall switch operation

My expectation is that these lights will rarely be used with all running at full intensity. More likely is that 3 or 6 of them will be on at partial brightness for a few hours per day when we are in/around living room.

Although CFL and LED are the newer, more efficient technologies, my gut reaction is that given my expected use the most cost effective and trouble free solution may be to just go incandescent.

Does this sound like a reasonable conclusion? Has anyone faced a similar decision and if so, can you share your recommendations?

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If you are not subject to energy efficiency laws, maybe incandescent bulbs would make sense. However, the CR 6 is going for ~ $25 in some places which is not much more than some trim pieces you'd need when using a bulb. At that price, Fluorescent cans with an integrated ballast just cannot compete.

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