Miele W3033, W3035, W3037 "Cheat Sheet"

buffalotinaDecember 8, 2013

This is a follow up to my posts on the Miele W3033 washing machine. It is just about a year now since I first had this machine and posted my difficulties with the temperature settings on the delicates cycle (http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/laundry/msg111020581330.html). Contrary to the statements in the user manual and the available temperature settings on the machine, it is now clear that the delicates cycle on this machine does NOT achieve a wash temperature any higher than "tap cold". In my neck of the woods in winter, that can be icy cold. After several shenanigans, Miele finally admitted that the delicates cycle on this machine does NOT engage the onboard heater. While disappointed by this aspect of the delicates cycle, I was thrilled with the results from the other cycles on this machine and had begun experimenting with the settings, temperatures, spin speeds and prewash functions. Around that time I had the great fortune to be contacted by Rococogurl from this forum. She was in the process of selecting a washing machine to replace her ailing Asko. I was thrilled when she chose Miele because that signaled the start of a very fruitful collaboration between us. We are both fanatical about laundry - and it turns out that we both are huge fans of this machine (she has the same model but in the stainless finish - the W3035). However, both of us felt that, in order to get the best out of this machine, guidance extending well beyond that in the user manual was needed. Together we set about comparing observations and results from most of the cycles on these machines (the cycles on the two machines are identical). It was a fascinating collaboration and resulted in what we are calling the "Miele Cheat Sheet". This document is now firmly housed on top of my machine and I routinely use it before running either a new type of load or a new combination of items/soil level, or as a refresher for infrequently used cycles. For anyone else here interested in learning more tricks and shortcuts for these machines, the majority of which should be directly applicable to the newer W3037 model, the results of our study and the resulting chart/cheat sheet are available at the link below. Happy Washing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Cheat Sheet

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I have been using this cheat sheet and glad to hear from you, as one of the collaborators! I am fairly new to the Laundry forum and Rococogurl has been so helpful in answering my questions.

I've got to go to bed now, but I will definitely be reading your old thread that you included in your post.

Again, I am so glad you two developed this list. Thank you.

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I didn't realize until now that you are the co-author of the cheat sheet. My new 3037 has not arrived yet, but I know that the information you and rococogurl compiled will be invaluable.

Thank you so much for all of your time and effort, and for the great help it is and will be to all of us with 3000 series washers!

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You are going to love the machine when you get it. I can honestly say I could not stand not to have this machine now - it really spoils you. Though I will say, it is not foolproof. I got a little adventurous this weekend and ran a load a bit hotter than I ought - resulting in shrinkage of my pajamas. Oh well, they are certainly clean! That was only on 60C (Miele "hot"). We also have the option of 70C (Miele "Sani") on this machine, so it seems to me there really is no real need for the old Euro 95C cycle (aka "boil wash").

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I concur with tina that's there's no real need for the "boil wash" which I had on another machine. It was most effective in whitening a vintage tablecloth that had yellowed.

However, the Miele 165F/70C sanitary cycle is every bit as effective. In addition to removing the horrendous coffee stain I've posted, today it successfully removed blood stains. And -- so convenient -- rather than stay up to wait for laundry to finish at night, I just set the delay start before I go to bed and the cycle is done when I get up.

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Rococogurl - yep, I love the delay start too! I use it to set a load in the morning before I go to work so that it is ready just before I get home. But your idea of using it at night is excellent.

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this is off topic but do any of you miele washer owners have the machine on the second floor? I was just about to take the plunge and order the washer, but noticed some posts about terrible vibrations with the spin cycles of the miele washer on the second floor. I currently have a Bosch FL on the second floor and have no vibration issues. The bearings are going out and I have never been terribly satisfied with the Bosch. The last thing I want is to create another problem aka vibration. I just can't seem to make my mind up about a washer. Every machine seems to have such mixed reviews. I wish Miele made a 27inch machine for the times when you wash a queen down comforter or thick mattress pad. Rococogurl assures me that her queen sheets and bedding fit in the machine, but I can't imagine as I can barely squeeze the queen mattress pad in the 27" Bosch, plus it doesn't really seem like it gets cleaned properly because there is so little water that it is hardly wet. I have other miele appliances - DW, fridge, ovens - and while I love, love, love my DW, I have to say that miele service is really dependent on where you live and the service provider in your area. OK now I've really taken this off topic- sorry. I did print out the cheat sheet which is amazingly informative.

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lucypwd - Our Miele FL washer is over the garage and on an outside wall, right next to the wall because of the door configuration on these W&Ds.

There is a full foundation up that side of the garage wall, so it is almost like being on the first floor over tall crawl space. I don't have much trouble. Our W4842 is braced to the dryer slightly above floor level. It can vibrate at times, depending on what is being spun, but it doesn't go walking because the dryer has it co-anchored.

These things weigh a ton. I call them "the beasts." There is no way I will be pulling them out from the wall every few years, to vac & wipe down the flooring under them.

The important thing is whether the W&D are on an outside wall. If not, you can get a "trampoline effect" from almost any washer. I have a friend with a Whirlpool Duet FL washer, her laundry room is in the middle of the house w/full basement underneath, and that washer, and it tends to dance around.

Hope this helps...

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Cannot speak to second floor issue. Expect it varies with house construction and flooring material.

Our DD2 and family came for the weekend so there are 2 queen bed pads and a mountain of sheets to wash. I routinely do King bed pads. They both fit -- no issues. This machine has a sensor that seems to adjust the water levels. I've done the king matelasse Sferra blanket cover, which is huge, as well as this PB Hana queen quilt with great results. Said this before but I had to wash the Hana quilt multiple times in the previous machine (Asko) as it did not fully get wet.

Glad you found the cheat sheet useful.

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what an amazing document! Now I'm wishing I'd shopped CL a little more and found a Miele pair instead of the Bosch units I'm using. I will peruse the guide and take what knowledge can be transferred. Thank you for this comprehensive compilation!

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We'd been eyeing the new Asko Pro Series with it's larger capacity (2.8ft2) but lack of any owner feecback or reviews got us nervous.

Now after finding the cheat sheet and the all the passionate followers, we're ready to pull the Miele trigger. Our only concern was the condesing dryer speed so we're going to get the 50 series Electrolux drier instead (laundyreviewed.com 2013 drier of year. The Electrolux might be overkilll but we'll never have throughput gated by the drier.

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