Where to buy Miele Washer and Gas Dryer?

No-ClueDecember 1, 2012


I'm new on this board and we're 12 days away from moving into our new home. After researching I fell in love w/ the Miele W4842 Washing Machine & T9822 Gas Dryer only to find that they are discontinued!!

Does anyone have an idea where I can locate them, I'm even willing to get the demo. At this point I'm so desperate I am even considering the smaller unit w3033 and T8003 Dryer but that's electric! Our house is not wired for the 220V and I'm nut sure how much it will cost or the amount of work required to convert 110V to the 220V. :(

If none of these options for Miela works can anyone suggest another brand?

I want something reliable that cleans clothes that is relatively quiet with minimal vibration since our laundry room is on the second floor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for you assistance!

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Since you're in SoCal you might have a chance of finding a pair. Simply call Miele and ask where they sent their inventory of those two models in SoCal. Miele knows exactly where they send each serial number to their authorized dealers. This is how they base the Miele warranty and whether you need to send them a copy of the receipt should you wish to purchase Miele's extended warranty. Miele has the date the unit was shipped and received by the dealer.

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K Kitchen in Buffalo New York has the washer as demo models. They have quite a bit of inventory. They have dryers but I do not know if they are the gas or electric versions. Good luck!

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Ok I will give both a call. Not sure how one would ship the w/d across the country though. :(

I'm so upset at myself because when the builder asked if we needed anything special in terms of wiring I said no! I had no idea that I would fall in love with a Miele. So depending on the price to add the 220V I might be able to get the compact units which should be fine for daily washes (I like to separate my laundry by color and then material anyway and more often than not the loads are not that large.) And if I need to wash blankets or what not I will just go to my sister's. :)

Of course DH doesn't understand why I have to get a Miele! Sigh...

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So depending on the price to add the 220V...

Depending upon where and how your laundry room is located, adding the 220V receptacle might not be a big issue. We are having our HVAC units replaced this year and during that process we will be adding 220V to out laundry room as a future selling point. Also, the gas model of the T9822 dryer you are interested in was obsoleted before its electric counterpart and availability might be slim.

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Our laundry room is on the second floor. Hopefully we will find out from the builder how much work is involved and maybe we can get the cost. Knowing that info will help us decide what our options will be. Thank you!

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Our laundry room is on the second floor.

I have to warn you that the model washer you are interested in relies upon mass (it's is nearly three-hundred pounds in weight) and sensors to attain its balance during the spin cycle, so if this is a new construction addition I trust provisions were made for a second story washer? (Provisions being a structural strenghtening of said area in relationship to the overall building structure.)

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I have no idea how the laundry room was built! Since I didn't know anything about Miele until a few weeks ago (thus I didn't ask for the 220V outlet nor did I know to ask them to reinforce the floor). I'm just hope that since they have put all laundry rooms up on the 2nd floor on all their new constructions and this is a "luxury home" that they know what they are doing?

I will call the Sales office to ask again but it's a little late for us to add anything since we're moving in less than 10 days!

Plus they put a tray thingie on the washer side to in case it leaks... so I don't know how that will help or make the vibration worse! I am looking to buy the rubber thingies to see if that will help.


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