Would You Like To Tell Us....?

marilyn_sueFebruary 23, 2014

Would you like to tell us some things we may not know about you?

1. I never dated anyone but my husband

2. I have one sister four years younger than I am

3. I went to the same school for 12 years and graduated from it.

4. I have never had a drivers license.


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1. I have 14 siblings
2. I was a firefighter for 9 years
3. I have 47 nieces and nephews (not counting the greats)
4. I lost a brother in Vietnam
5. I met my best friend thru the kitchen table

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1. I do vermicomposting in my apartment. We love these little guys!

2. I was a welder for 10 years......the factory where I worked trained me, and I was their first woman welder. When I first started working there, there were 300 employees and 6 of us were women.

3. Have never smoked, nor have ever dated anyone who smoked.

(I didn't think you wanted to see a pic of my worms) LOL

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1. I was born in Manhattan, raised in an apartment in Queens, and raised my children in an old farmhouse on 30 acres.

2. I've been a stepdaughter and a stepmother.

3, Yesterday I received a call from my best friend from 8th grade--our first contact since then.

4. I've had three short stories published in Woman's World magazine. I helped a friend get started submitting to them, and so far she's sold 14. Good thing she's such a nice person....

5. Bob Barker once read a limerick of mine on The Price is Right. (But you knew that already because I'm always bragging about it.) :-)

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You guys sure are interesting!

1. I was a part of a precision dance team. We entertained in some venues in beautiful downtown Indianapolis. We weren't bad, but we weren't exactly the Rockette's, either. We were called the Georgettes--George was our choeograhper.

2. I never lived alone before. Always had my daughter, a roommate or a husband.

3. I lived in a foreign country for a year (Okinawa).

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1. I grew up in a house with no electricity or running water and came from a large family.

2. I have a Master's Degree in Library Science.

3. I don't like gardening and I'm scared of horses!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

1. I worked on the Human Genome Project for many years.
2. I met Elvis Presley
3. When a child I spoke fluent Cajun French. (more than English)

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1. I grew up in a small town and moved to the country when I married a country boy. I hated it for many years but now I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

2. We lost a son.

3. I paid $650.00 for my first car and sold it for $950.00 2 years later back to the same dealership.

4. We have 2 homes. One in the central part of our state and one in the south.

5. I have the world's best daughter-in-law and 2 sons-in-laws.

6. I am a cancer survivor.

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1. I never learned to swim.

2. I never finished college.

3. I have a son with 13 college degrees and a Ph.d.

4. I, nor any of my siblings drink alcohol.

5. I, and all of my siblings either smoke cigarettes now, or have smoked and quit.

6. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder.

7. I am addicted to buying decorative painting supplies and tropical plants.

8. I won't buy anything (except underwear) new that I can buy used, in great condition.

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tough one
I previously told much about myself

1 am an an oldest child, and a second child depending on the parent

2 I am at home sick... but wish I was on my bike

3 I was more scared to go solo, then I was to emigrate to Oklahoma

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1. I am an only child, although my father had two daughters after my mother divorced him.

2. I married an only child, although because he was adopted, he is also the middle of five children. His sibs were raised by his mother and the man she married after surrendering my DH (their first child) for adoption. (You think *you* are confused!)

3. I have one (adopted) DS, who is married to a wonderful woman and has his own DS (9) and DD (3).

4. I am of Scots-Irish and French descent, my first ancestors arriving before the Revolution and the last, my maternal GM, in 1880. I have assigned my assertiveness to have come from a female Welsh ancestor (1700's) because Welch women had legal rights for a long time while women in most countries were mere chattel.

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1. I have been married three times.

2. I was married to my second husband 1 day less than a year when he died.

3. I am the oldest of three children and the only girl and a twin.

4. I have tried so many hobbies I don't know what to try next and I am fairly proficient at all of them including oil painting ...

5. I finished high school, never actually went to college but went to several different types of schools and classes and never felt like I found my "career" and yet I was fairly successful in my endeavors.

6. I for the most part lived in town but loved the country and moved there as quickly as I could convince the husband that it was the thing to do.

7. When I was just a kid and before he was rich, I lived across the street from Sam Walton. He owned just the store in Newport AR at the time ..(I think )

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I'm so boring.

1. I graduated from college at age 43

2. I was quoted in an article in The Wall Street Journal.

3. I have freckles, thanks to my Welsh heritage (and now I know why all the women on my mother's side are so strong -- thanks, Chisue).

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1. I started dating DH when I was 15 and he was 16. We got married when I was 20. We will celebrate our 33rd anniversary this May.

2. I worked for 10 years at an insurance company then quit to be a SAHM. (insurance must be in our genetic make up, my grandfather, father, daughter, one niece, one brother, 2 BIL's, one SIL and 2 sisters all working in the ins. field now, or have before!)

3. I am #5 of 6 kids. 3 girls, 3 boys, I'm the youngest girl.

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1. I met Frank Sinatra when I worked as a banquet waitress in college. It was at a fundraiser for Ronald Reagan.

2. I have over 100 pair of shoes/boots.

3. I work every other week, which gives me 26 weeks off per year.

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As I read these I wondered if I could think of anything interesting to write.

here goes....

1. I knew in the 4th grade that I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up. And I did - I was a reference librarian for the Free Library of Philadelphia.

2. We have a second home on 135 acres of woodland in NE PA, not too far from Alisande (aka Susan). About once a year we try to get together for a very enjoyable and interesting lunch. We're due for another one this summer.

3. Two years ago I had both knees replaced at the same time and now I do water exercises 3 or 4 times a week.

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1. I have been the youngest, middle (when step siblings spent the summer) and oldest child in my family but am an only child to my parents. I just say I'm well rounded. :-)

2. Daughter of an accomplished Golden Gloves boxer who was not supposed to survive childhood due to Polio, TB and pneumonia. He didn't learn to walk until he was 8.

3. Heritage is German-Irish, Puerto Rican and Eskimo. Go figure that one out. L-)

4. I've been a designer (electro-mechanical and graphic) my entire career. Have read to the blind, played guitar and sang at weddings, been a club DJ and did fingerprinting (LiveScan and ink) at the local police department.

5. Have know hubby since I was 7. He was my first love. We celebrated our 40th anniversary last Sept.

6. Will not drive freeways (which of course are prevalent in Southern California. I take surface streets where ever I go.

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All of my grandparents immigrated to this country from Poland which makes me 100% Polish.

I have two daughters adopted from Korea. They are the joy of my life.

I am a fairly proficient quilter.

This is my first year as a snow bird in Florida. I moved to be with the new man in my life.

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sleeperblues -- DH wants to know if you have a photo of Imelda Marcos in your shoe closet.

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1. I'm single, never married, don't smoke or drink.

2. I can write in script, backwards

3. My grandfather was in Sir Baden Powell's first boy scout troop in England and my brother and all three nephews are Eagle Scouts.

4. I was kissed by Burt Reynolds in his dressing room.

5. I taught math after college and just received my Florida teaching certificate to maybe one day teach again, 38 years later.

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1. Both my parents were adopted as children.
2. I can wiggle my eyes .
3. I've never smoked.
4. I married a red-headed man with freckles.
5. I have heard but not seen a ghost.

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I am the oldest of three and the only girl.
Never knew who my father was. (Date rape situation when my mom was 16. She later married and had my two brothers.)
Middle brother left a suicide note 35 years ago and disappeared. He was 16. They never found a body. My mother still searches for him. No one has ever used his social security number.

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Guess this is a good way to introduce myself, I mostly lurk and used to post on Cooking, but things have changed over there...
1. Our twin daughters were in a movie with Henry Winkler when they were 6 months old.
2. We live on the same 5 acres that I grew up on. My DH and I bought the place from my parents 6 months before our twins were born. We spent the next five years, demolishing it to the floorboards and rebuilding to suit ourselves.
3. I skipped grade 5.
4. My father is a published author and wildlife artist.
5. Our twins were test tube babies, back in the day when there was only a 10% chance of conceiving and a 20% chance of having multiples.

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1) My grandmother was engaged to a jeweler once, who engraved her name Pearl on several solid gold pieces. My Mother changed her name to "Pearl" so she could inherit/wear them. (It had been her middle name, she dropped her first name, back then no one cared.) It's a family joke.

2) DH & I hired a crew to help us pour our own 213' long colored cement driveway after "we" set the forms and tied the rebar mats ourselves.

3) DH & I weld projects together. We've made everything from gates and a pot rack to a headboard/footboard for our bed.

4) My first date with my now DH was helping him rebuild a 63 Chevy truck engine. I cleaned and labeled the parts as he tore it all apart. We were married before we ever did the "dinner & a movie" night out.

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You guys are all so interesting.

1. My great-great uncle died on the Titanic.

2. I am the eldest of 6 - one of 4 daughters and 2 brothers.

3. I worked as an insurance property underwriter for 13 years before becoming an SAHM (now for 25 years)

4. I've run 4 half-marathons with a best time of 1:53. My goal was always to try to finish under 2 hours and when I did that I quit running them. I decided to quit while I was ahead.

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Ack! I've dishonored Wales by thinking 'grape juice' when posting. (WELSH! Not Welch.)

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I have pictures of myself with:
Harrison Ford
President Obama (when he was a Presidential candidate)
Joe Biden
Bill Clinton
I danced with Harrison Ford in 1999 at my cousin's wedding.
I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Iowa 8 yrs ago.
I share my home with a Lab and 3 cats, none of which sleep in my bedroom.
I am "Grammy" to the cutest, sweetest 3 year old boy.

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Chisue, ha ha. Don't even get my husband started. Luckily I have many places to hide my acquisitions, and he never notices what I wear.

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I was born in a taxicab.

I am the youngest of three siblings and the only girl.

I nearly completed a Ph.D.

I am an artist.

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I was born in an old log house.

When my parents were first married, they leased farm land on an Indian Reservation. The lease was let through a government agent.

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I am an only child

I started dating husband when I was 17 and a HS junior and he was a freshman at Penn State

I quit college in the middle of my senior year

I collected antiques for decades and have nothing "new " in my house in the way of furniture /accessories.

I live in a 175 year old farmhouse.

I ran for 25 years and now speed walk five miles a day. (to save my knees) Walk the dogs three miles, do two more at the gym.

I am an animal freak. Loved them all my life and wasn't allowed any as a child. I made up for it by having four dogs and 15 cats in my adult life. Presently four cats and two dogs ( and a betta fish).

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My husband and I are both from families of seven children so we have many relatives.

I have CREST syndrome. This is a limited form of scleroderma. I just had my esophagus stretched last week.

I worked 24 years for the school system. My main job was doing payroll.

I consider myself as very religious.

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This is a very interesting thread, so many people that have had exciting things in their life.

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Sally Brownlee

In high school I won the state level Public speaking contest in FFA and went to nationals in where I placed 3rd. And even though I was a member of Toastmasters for many years, I still hate speaking in public.

I was the first on both sides of my family to attend college ��" and I dropped out. I took a temporary job sanding cabinet doors and very fortunate to have achieved so much success with same company 26 years later.

I am pretty good at woodworking. Picture is a knick-knack box I made. All wood, no pins staples or hinges.

I am the 5th born of six girls. My next older sister is 8 years ahead ��" I was a surprise

I was a fierce tomboy, never wanting anything to do with household/kitchen chores but was made to. To my huge benefit - and everyoneâÂÂs surprise ,mother most of all - I am an excellent cook, keep a tidy house and still love all things having to do with physical labor (split wood, mow, change oil, fix thing, etc)

My best friend died of alcohol poisoning. I wish I could have done more.

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OK, here goes!

The good: my kids and grand kids, family!
The bad: did not finish college!

Lived in a third world country 2 years

Taught elementary science part-time 19 years

Love gardening, reading, knitting, my dog, yoga

I'm an environmentalist at heart. It saddens me to see waste. I recycle as much as I can, but it's extra work.

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K...here goes

I went to 15 different schools K-12
5 high schools
I was homecoming queen
Traveled with my family when I was a child.
Lived in Turkey in Ankara for 2 1/2 years
Lived in Germany for 2 1/2 years and traveled to Switzerland, Holland, France and Spain
While in Spain, I kissed a handsome Spaniard on the beach (I was 14!)
Married and had two sons
No longer live with my husband who is mentally ill
Moved to Colorado almost 3 years ago
I work in childcare and I LOVE it!
I got my first tattoo last December at the age of 56, and got my second for my birthday last January. I'm planning another :)

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This is one of the most interesting threads we have had here.

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I sang my way through high school. Had the lead in the junior class operetta. Got 1st chair soprano in all state chorus when a senior. Never sang a note publicly after graduation.

I was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy at age 17. Told that I would be in a wheel chair within 10 years. Fooled them, I can still walk at age 72.

Married right out of high school.

Had 2 daughters 4 days less than a year apart by age 21.

At age 50 I enrolled in night classes for Medical Assisting/Biller just for fun. I had no intention of working in the field, but got many job offers due to my perfect 4.0 GPA.

Work history..a few years at a telephone answering service. Five years as a custom decorator at Sears. Four years as a certified bra/breast prosthesis fitter at a great little boutique that catered to the "hard to fit" woman. Loved that job, women in crisis are a strong bunch! We should all be proud to be a member of the female society.
(that is those of us who are female.)

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oh my!

only child of my parents, but did have a half sister

lived in the heart of Hollywood (right on vine st) several years

married dh before he was discharged (navy)

survivor cervical and breast cancer....

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Never thought about whether there was anything weird or especially interesting regarding my life!

1. I took piano lessons from age 8-11

2. My high school artwork was displayed in the New York State Museum in Albany

3. I am one of the few people in the world who has been allowed to shake George Foreman's hand!!! :) The guy who makes the hand molds at the Boxing Hall of Fame told me that George won't even allow his hand to be cast for the museum!

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My father was a professional baseball player

My lifelong friend has worked on the films Lord of the Rings, The Frighteners, and for tv, Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I have lived in four states, six cities, and have five siblings, two biological and three adopted Filipino. All of my Filipino siblings have modeled and so did their spouses. So do their children (one has even been on the cover of GQ in Europe, his sister has been on local magazine covers and in a music vido).

I have been in a music video. Alabama's Song of the South. That was fun to be there when making it. My niece's face is prominent in her video, mine not so much.

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