remodeling, title 24: led or clf

csmbaDecember 24, 2009

2 parts to my question:

1. under cabinet lights: LED Vs Fluorescent: I find it hard to find information to answer the question if

a. the energy savings of LED for these models are significant

b. can I use LED lights that come with a AC connector you just plug to the wall. so for example, is this

both ok for title 24 and is actually any more energy efficient then the cheaper fluorescent alternative

2.recessed: is the cost of worth it?

I am kind of pissed I need to install a more expensive LED solution instead of simple screw in system just because the state of CA doesn't trust me to not change the light after the permit. they are just retards, preventing me from really using the best tool for the job.

anyway, specific tips on what is the best options for both recessed and udnercabinet, inc link to where to buy it would be great!

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1. Try Their under cabinet lights are much sleeker than those at home depot and work better.

2. Look at the Cree LR6 lights.

Another site would be htp://

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