UCL- fixture lengths, maxlite, Philips, etc..?

yellowstonebanksDecember 27, 2012

I'm trying to decide on ucl lighting for a small remodeled kitchen. After reading posts here I have focused on Philips powercore profile and maxlite fixtures. The Philips seems to be highly recommened but the lengths available don't match my cabinets well.

3 of the cabinets are about 30" wide, measuring about 28" of available space due to the sides extending down. That means one 19" Philips fixture or two 12" Maxlites. Given the extra 5" of length with Maxlites would I be better off with them? What features of the Philips are superior and would those features outweigh the shorter length?

I also need to choose color temmperature, 3000 or 4000 for Philips / 2700 or 5000 for maxlites - anyone have comments on what is best?

Does anyone know if there are switched junction boxes available for the Maxlites? That would simplify my installation. Philips does have those available for their fixtures.

Finally I noticed Savio Lighting has very slim T-4 fluorescent under cabinet fixtures that come in a wide range of lengths and are somewhat less expensive than the above LED lights. Has anyone tried these? How would the light quality compare to the LED's?


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You could use a combination of eW profiles joined either end to end or staggered.
eg - 19" + 9".

The MaxLite bars are thicker than the eW profile. In addition, the eW profile is a more complete solution - parts available for different configurations.

LED lighting is more easily configured to provide an uninterrupted light run than fluorescents as the end to end gap is smaller. In addition, LED bars are hardier than thin glass tubes and have a much longer life span.

If dimming is not required, and initial cost is important, t4 fluorescents could be a viable alternative.

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