Installing European Wall Sconces.

jhwuDecember 25, 2008

Hi, Happy Holidays Everyone!

I've got a conundrum I'm trying to sort through - I've got a modern staircase, and the Artemide Talo light fixture would work perfectly there:

You can see that this is very sleek and minimalist -> that's the look I'm going after.

However, in the States, they sell it with a big old backplate to mount it to a standard 4" junction box:

The round backplate ruins the look, which is a disappointment because there aren't that many minimalist sleek sconces that are flood lights (not spotlights) that also take 150W lamping!

Does anyone know how I could mount this in the USA without the backplate? I know code requires a J-box behind the light fixture, but would it be possible to put gyp-board all around the j-box and leave a teeny tiny hole for the wires to come through, thus eliminating the backplate? Or, does anyone know of tiny j-boxes one typically uses in this situation?


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