budget recessed lighting?

brickhouseDecember 30, 2009

My post form this AM was lost - here it goes again..

Adding recessed lights during our diy reno.

Looking for very basic lights. In our area, just having cans will be a huge plus. Not in CA.

Need IC, and likely air-tight.

8' ceilings, lights will be in an open dining room, kitchen, great room and hallway.

Likely selling w/in year and need to watch our reno expenses.

Any decent budget cans? My choices are HD, Lowes (an hour away) or online.

Just want some standard cans, I am guessing incandescent, any good choices? Are 6" standard?

I have read through many posts on the great upper end options out there, I am just looking for a decent basic choice. Also what price point should I be looking for?


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Will the ceilings will be replaced or if you will need remodel type housings?

The large lamps of 6" diam. line-voltage recessed fixtures are quite visible and produce a lot of unpleasant glare. I recommend the newer more popular 4" line-voltage fixtures with 50w. PAR 20 lamps (avoid R, BR and ER reflector lamps which hang lower in the fixture and are being phased out due to energy inefficiency.)

The problem with low priced IC and AirSeal fixtures (like Halo from Home Depot) is that many of the fixtures exceed their internal temperature limits unless a socket extender is used to lower the lamps. Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose of recessed lighting and looks terrible. If you don't use the extender, the fixture should turn off when it gets hot and turn back on when it cools. This information is not always available in stores so yu need to get the model number and google the specification sheet.

Alternatively, you could use a lower wattage lamp or use a larger diameter fixture.

The cheapest brand I have found that usually doesn't have this limitation is Lightolier. The 3 3/4" Step Baffle #2005 WH costs $43/$48/$54 depending on the housing, non-IC/IC/AIC, (contractor pricing or close to it).

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My dad is a handyman and we have good attic access, so we plan to use new construction type housings.

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