Help! Put detergent in the wrong place in my GE top Loader

geansmarieDecember 19, 2013

I was hoping someone would have some advice to share. I have owned the GE HE top Loader with smart dispense for 2 weeks. When refilling my smart dispense, I accidentally put a LOT of detergent in the manual hole instead of the smart dispense hole. I didn't run the load, and am not sure what to do!

Anyone have any suggestions? GE recommends I run a load on rinse only, but am scared that it will overflow with bubbles.

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how many ounces?

if you put fabric softener in and run a load it will kill the bubbles. even a tiny bit of FS will kill all bubbles from a normal amount of soap (2 ounces).

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It was a lot. One of those big ones from Target. The smart dispense holds 2 months worth of detergent, so was just filling it up.

Thank you so much for your recommendation!

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is the detergent sitting at the bottom of the drum (meaning it's also underneath the visible drum)? if so, add some water ( a gallon or two, and run the machine for less than a minute, to somewhat dilute the detergent with the water, and then suction out what you can. repeat as necessary. once you have done that a few times, add some FS and run a rinse cycle, watching for sudsing. it it gets out of hand, add more FS and resume the cycle.

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Some came out of the holes that is next to the detergent spot. I just added some water and was surprised more didn't come out of the holes. It was just a little. My hope was that it would flush through and then I could suction it out. I am wondering if it somewhere underneath the drum or if I didn't put enough? I put about 1 of those 1 gallon of water in.

Any recommendations for what to use to suction it out?

Many thanks!

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There is space between the inner drum and outer tub that isn't accessible unless the inner drum is removed. That's likely where your detergent overdose was deposited.

Best you can do is run the machine through a couple full cycles ... whatever is needed ... to flush out the excess. As others have mentioned, oversudsing can be knocked-down with a bit of liquid fabric softener, or antifoam agent as is sometimes used with carpet cleaning machines. Adding some cooking oil may also help.

Expect to see bunches of suds in the wash period on the first run, add your antisudsing agent at that point. Might need a little in the rinse. Shouldn't be any needed on the 2nd full cycle run, that's to insure it's rinsed-out fully. However, the whole scenario depends on the local variables (how much detergent, the sudsing characteristic of it, etc.) so deal with the sudsing to whatever extent is required.

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there are a variety of devices that you could use to suction, available at auto or home centers.

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