Remote control lighting

ala9222December 12, 2009

I would like to have a way to turn some lights on when pulling in my garage. My garage lights are the big florescent bulbs so not sure if i can hook anything up to this but what about a few interior lights as im pulling in at night? Is there anything out there that doesn't cost a ton? Everything i have looked at had terrible reviews.

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Do you mean in your house, or in your garage?

For in your house, there is an automated home system you can purchase, X10 being one of them...

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for outside, You can buy sensors that will turn on the lights when you drive the car into the driveway or even walk in the driveway. We have 2, 75 watt Halogens up high on the garage and each has it's own sensor to turn it on.
You can buy these sensors (Motion detectors at Home Depot-- about $20, as I recall.
They are easy to install and you could also do one inside the garage too, should you wish.
Good luck!


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