washer not discharging???

wwotr1December 16, 2012

I have an LG WC2010 Front Load Washer.
My washer was fine 2 days ago.
Yesterday we moved to a new House.
Before moving I installed all 4 Shipping bolts on the back.
I hooked up the washer and put in a Medium load of clothes.
About 15 minutes into the cycle, I went to check on it, and found water, in a small stream leaking from the bottom of the door, onto the flor.
When I looked into the Front Glass, the water level was 1/2 way up the glass.
I turned the washer off and unplugged it. I stuck my finger in the discharge hose and it felt dry as a bone.
I used about 20 towels and slowly drained the water out by opening the door slightly and draining it into a bucket.
Now the washer is empty, and I'm wondering if I should run it through a "Cleaning Cycle" and sit there to watch it, to see if it starts discharging water or not.
Like I said, it worked fine 2 days ago, before we moved it.
We were careful, and it only was moved 7 miles to its new location.
No jarring, it wasn't outside in any of the elements etc.
I'm stumped.

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Set it on a spin-only cycle, listen if the pump runs. If not, then bad pump is likely your trouble. If the pump does run but no draining, then something is clogging the tub outlet or the drain hose.

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Here,s the Conversation between the LG Tech and myself.....
I tried a small 2nd load and the water started backing up again.


------Reply to Your Inquiry-------
Below is my initial question and your response to rectify the issue.
I emptied the over flow tube and checked the Lint Filter.
The Filter was clean and the Over Flow unit had about a Gallon of Dirty Water in it that I emptied out.
I then powered up the washer, and pressed the "Tub Clean" Button.
Some letters appeared ((I have enclosed a picture of what the display said).
After approx 5 Minutes, nothing happened and the Power to the Washer turned off.
I did this a 2nd time and got the same results.
Should I try running a couple of articles of clothing through it ion a Short Cycle?
Please repkly.
Roger Kinney
___________________________________________________________Dear Mr. Kinney,

Good morning!

Thank you for contacting LG Electronics. I am delighted to hear from you as our valued customer and I will be glad to answer your concern. I apologize for the inconvenience that we may have caused you.

You may check and perform the following steps prior calling our customer service department.

1. Check the Dispenser/Detergent drawer for any leak.
2. Door (specially the rubber gasket if there�s any tear or damage).
3. Drain pump area.
4. Hoses at the back.
5. Run a tub clean cycle.

If doing the suggested steps will not resolve the issue, please call us at your most convenient time so we can set up service appointment for you. Our customer service is open 24/7. I hope this issue will be addressed as soon as possible. Happy holidays! J

If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email or by calling our customer service division at 800-243-0000 at your convenience.

Thank you for choosing LG!

LG Customer Service

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Kinda humorous that they're "delighted" to hear from a "valued customer" who is having a problem.

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Well the Appliance Tech was here and called LG Tech Support.
Forgive my verbiage.......
I guess theres some type of Valve that senses the Water Pressure/Heigth in the Drum.
Seems as though the tube leading to that valve had an air bubble/blockage in it, that prevented the valve fron sensing the water height in the drum, causing it to overfill. So the Tech blew out the tub Cost me $65.00 and 1 Hour of my time. He ran it throgh its diagnostics and everything checkedout fine. Ran a load and all is well.
So I guess you could say my LG Washer got a Blow Job from the Applkiance Tech, and it cost me $65.00 !!! ;^)
Sorry...I couldnt resist. Best Christmas Present to myself.
Gotta go...the Laundry calls.
Thanks to everyone for their input.

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