Front-load washer shakes all over... Remedies?

LakeMartinGalDecember 30, 2010

I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport pair (washer/dryer) and the washer walks all over! They are both on pedestals. I'm moving them to a new house, and I was wondering what the latest and best cure is for this moving of the machine? My back will positively not take shoving the darn thing back in place after each load!

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Is this new or has the washer always done this?

Duets (all of the machines, really) have awfully good suspension components. Assuming they are not broken, your problem is likely unequal bearing on the supporting feet. The machine must have even support down there. Not talking about "levelling" -- anything close to level is fine. Talking about equal weight-bearing on the feet. If the suspension components can't bear evenly on those supports, they can't do their job. I suspect that's what's happened to you. Suspect they were not properly adjusted in the beginning or have come out of adjustment. Could be wrong, but this is usually the problem.

Tedious, but not difficult to remedy if that's your problem. A little harder with pedestals but not too bad. Will take a couple of short paragraphs to describe. Please advise.

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Asolo, please give me your paragraphs on the weight-bearing! DH will be doing the work, and he is very mechanical, so I don't think it will be a problem... I appreciate your help!

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I can sympathize... I have a 120 year old house that has the most unstable laundry room floor I've ever seen. I don't have the same problem you do but if my LG front loader with truebalance goes into an unbalanced spin, the whole room starts to bounce...

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Sorry no time to write right now. However, if you do search function at this site using "dynamic balance" you will encounter an exchange between me and panamamike from April that will have pretty much everything I would write here.

If you can't find it, hang out for a day or so and I'll be back.

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