Sears Detergent Deeply Discounted Today

sr712December 6, 2013

At least at my local Sears, all powdered HE detergents were greatly reduced. The Oxy was 50% off. $10 off each of the others. I did not see this online, as I check often, but thought I'd take a chance and see. I stocked up. Don't see the Oxy on sale much.

The salesperson said the sale was up tomorrow. These have been my fav detergents since we got our FL machines 7 years ago.

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They're on sale everywhere because Sears is phasing out their laundry products! :-( There are only 2 stores in my area and I use the orange and green box and one store had 1 box left and the other had 5.

This was brought up in the Automatic Washer forum. Sad that one of the best detergents I've used is going away.

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Oh Charter, I hate to hear that they are not going to be making that detergent. I've been using it for years. Bummer.

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my local Sears had the big orange boxes at a modest discount, $3 off the regular price of $24 or so. Not a big enough savings to make me buy one (my last box was half price). Surprised of the discontinuance since it seemed to sell well. It was easy to find, cheap, and worked well - been using it for the last decade. Anyone knows who manufacturered it? Sears doesn't make their own stuff.

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I read about the discontinuation in the Automatic forum; however, someone else stated that they were just getting rid of old stock and starting a new "design?" or something like that.

When I looked at Sears website for my area yesterday, there was a different looking box that did 180 loads, it was orange and green and looked similar to the "Advanced" box but just a little different. This was not there Friday and just appeared yesterday, so I don't know what the true deal is. I'm only stating what I read in the other forum and what others were talking about.

I do hope that it is just a change of design and they will keep selling it.

...and don't ya know it's so hard to find out who actually makes it and what's actually in it. Last I read, someone said it was made by DeSoto but I definitely have never found an MSDS for it. I thought all chemical products like detergents had to have an MSDS.

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