Any lighting experts/designers/DIY'ers??

waldenppDecember 6, 2011


I have a living room that is 14 by 24 or 336 square ft and I am having trouble figuring out how to use recessed lights. I would like to use about 6-8 4 inch low voltage MR16's for general purpose lighting - I have a friend who did it and it looks great but most posts that I have come across state to only use them as accent lights. Any comments? Thanks!!! I would be more than happy to forward a sketch and picture of the living room. Thanks!

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Things to do
1. Figure out the layout of the joists
2. Find out what is above the ceiling - insulation, plumbing, hvac, fire suppression system, wiring, structural elements. Is there another living space above?
3. If there is a living space above, the vertical space above the ceiling board.
4. Price out alternative solutions.

The new EcoSmart branded 4" Cree lights available from HomeDepot could do a better job and cost less than using low voltage MR16s (Can + trim + bulb).

The low voltage cans will come with an integrated transformer/ power supply which will eventually require replacement.

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