Peach jam

lindacAugust 17, 2012

I have got to make some peach jam this weekend....simply HAVE to....can't think of going all winter without some home made peach jam....and soon the good peaches will be gone...very soon!!

Usually I just make peach jam....the recipe on the Certo flyer. It's only as good as the peaches. thinking of perhaps mixing peaches and apricots....could I use the same recipe? How about mixing peaches and nectarines? What say you all you canners and preservers?

Or should I just be boring and make peach jam.....and apricot jam?

Linda C

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Sure, mix them if you want. Add some raspberries to the peaches and get peach melba jam. Cinnamon is nice sometimes and I just made a blueberry peach tart and that was a nicer combination than I expected.

Add a bit of booze too, if you like, just pick a flavor that seems good and add a few tablespoons. Be careful, though, adding something like rum to hot jam results in a volcano so be sure you have a big enough pan.

Maybe some lemon zest, get kind of a marmalade effect?


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I like chopped candied ginger in peach or apricot jam :-)

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What good ideas!! I often use peaches and blue berries in that summer tart....I guess because they are in season at the same time....and blue berries are good about filling in the holes between the peach slices. Not sure I would like the color of blue berry raspberry jam!
But I will definitely make a batch of peach melba jam. I still have a couple of jars of "Ginger Peachy" jam from last year....wasn't crazy about it.

I'm on my last jar of orange marmalade......anxiously awaiting orange season!

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Colleen, I also like the combination of ginger and peach, but I thought I remembered that LindaC didn't. The problem with putting crystallized ginger in the jam is that I snack on the ginger while I'm working and then there's not enough left for jam!


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I was lucky to find some good Red Haven peaches, I was worried that I would not have any either. But I did get some and have been making plain old peach jam. I n the past I have tried several different additions to the peaches but plain wins out in use. Peach butter is good and last year I did make both spiced peach jam and vanilla bean peach jam. The plain peach was gone first.


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I think apricots mixed in would be great . I also love the idea of Peach Melba preserves. We did that years ago and it was terrific - only bad thing was that I wasn't so creative naming it and all the jars got labeled BLEACH JAM, but it was good enough to repeat the combination.


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No, no, no! The taste of peach is absolutely perfect in itself. No need to add anything else. I adore peaches. Our season is coming to a close and that makes me sad.

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I made peach jam last year. I took jars to my SoCal CF meet up. I stirred the brandy into the jam after it jelled just before pouring into jars. I added some fresh nutmeg and cinnamon and kept the sugar low.


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I made peach butter this year in my Vita Mix....regular and spiced. I used the recipe in the Ball canning book. So much peach flavor!

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You could make Peach Rum Brown Sugar jam which has a really nice flavor. I got the recipe from the harvest forum.

Peaches and nectarines are the same flavor so mixing them should produce pretty much the same as just peaches.

I've got a recipe for peach cardamon jam that I haven't tried making because by the time we made peach rum and plain peach we had enough peach jam. I love pear cardamon jam.

DH made apricot jam for the first time this year (first big harvest from our apricot tree) and the apricot pieces kind of disintegrated so the result was more like apricot butter instead of a jam with pieces of fruit in it. It tastes very good but do apricots always do that or was it because ours were very ripe or something? If apricots always do that, it might be odd in a mix of apricots and peaches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread with Peach Rum Brown Sugar jam.

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I have 12 pounds of not fully ripe I think I'll be jammin' on Sunday....

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I make peach jam quite often, peaches are my favorite fruit. I have to say that traditional peach jam doesn't ring my bell because peaches have such a delicate flavor, and when you make a traditional pectin jam with them, the amount of sugar you have to add washes out the flavor of the peaches, IMHO. I feel the same way about strawberry jam for that reason. I made peach wine spiced jam with raisins last year and everyone raved about it but I didn't like it, it was too much for me, I like the plainer jams. I make peach melba and peach maple, low sugar, longer cooked jams. I make them in small jars because the low sugar jams don't keep as long. Delicious though!

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Cloud swift, I think your apricots must have been over ripe because my apricot jam has fairly chunky apricots in it.

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