Bathroom wall sconces -- up lighting or down lighting?

msbrandywinevalleyDecember 2, 2012

I'm shopping for wall sconces for over my master bathroom vanity. They'll be the primary lighting source in the room. I've seen several sconces I like, some of which direct the light up and others that direct it down. Which direction, if either, is preferable? Thanks!

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Choose the sconce that best fits your taste/ style and lighting needs. The bulbs used will determine the level of illumination.

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I bought a fixture for a remodel that is supposed to be installed down. We hated the way it put hard shadows on our faces in the mirror, so we turned it up and it bounces tons of ambient light all over the bathroom from a semi-gloss white painted ceiling. Looks way better and lights much better. The shades are frosted glass, which may help throw light around a bit more as well. I wouldn't try this with solid shades or cones, however, may not be enough lighting elsewhere in the bath.

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