Laundry Sink Recommendations Needed

aloha2009December 31, 2011

I'm trying to stay a step ahead of the decisions that need to be made and one of them is to have a deep laundry drop in sink picked out. We will be installing it into a 24" cabinet.

I've read to stay away from fiberglass.

Besides that is there anything else you can suggest?

I've looked around but the biggest review raves (for what that is worth) are for sinks that need a wider cabinet.

Do you have one that you are happy with (or irritated with)?

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The stainless steel sinks are probably the most durable. That would also depend on the thickness of the steel. The thicker, better built, the more it is going to cost. You might also look at commercial kitchen sinks.

Originally the builder had put in one of those ugly gray fiberglass tub utility sinks in the cabinet in my current home. I pulled it out and put just an inexpensive kitchen sink with a pullout faucet. Did end up putting a new preformed laminate top. Previously there was ceramic tile and I hated it. Always dealing with stuff in the grout. My main criteria for the sink was that it had to be big enough to wash the dog.

I just put in a white one bowl sink. It's an inexpensive Dekor, which it is probably made out of fiberglass or some kind of plastic. For me, I also clean out paint brushes and clean all kinds of grungy things. I figured if it got too ratty I would just pop it out and replace it. So far it's been in for a number of years and when polished up it looks as good as new.

I don't know why you would want to stay away from fiberglass. Does it lose its finish, crack? They do use fiberglass to make boats and they run them in rough salty water. I would think it would make a good product for making a sink.

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I have a very deep cast/porcelain sink... 18" deep, with a pull out spray handle. Think it was a Glen Falls

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I have had a fiberglass laundry sink for 17 years and it looks like new. It has been used to soak clothes, clean paint brushes, bathe toddlers, clean dirty garden tools, whatever you can think of.

My daughter bought a house with a fiberglass laundry sink that was filthy. I cleaned it up and now it looks new.

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Definately conflicting information from what I've read to stay away from fiberglass. The negatives is that they look awful a few months down the line.

Kris what did you use to clean up your daughters? What do you use on a regular basis?

Is it perhaps the negativity I heard before regarding fiberglass is that people aren't taking care of them properly? How much work does it take to keep them looking nice?

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Most of the time I use a Dobie scrubber. I have used Comet a few times. I did use Comet on my daughter's sink. The people who lived there must have dumped gallons of paint in the sink and never cleaned it. I did have to use Comet along with a scrubber pad (not the real abrasive one). It took a lot of work, but it was worth it. She redid the cabinets and counters in the laundry room and put a new faucet on the sink, but didn't replace the sink because it looked so good. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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I just bought a home which has a laundry sink in it. Since the laundry room is so small, having the sink required me to stack my front loading washer and dryer on top of each other. I HATE this setup because I have to reach down near the floor to load and unload the washer and reach way up to see the controls on the dryer. I am thinking of having the sink removed so that I can have my washer and dryer set up side by side on pedestals. But so far, everyone tells me that I might be sorry if I do that because the sink can really come in handy over time. So, should I think twice about getting rid of it? What are your thoughts on this?

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We're putting in a 9" depth stainless steel sink in ours. I find stainless easy to clean.

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We bought the Kohler Park Falls sink - it is 14" deep on the outside - so plan for the plumbing and p-trap accordingly.

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