Looking for the best (i.e. most natural) lighting for bathroom

msbrandywinevalleyDecember 2, 2012

I'm shopping for two wall sconces for my master bath. It's a fairly small room -- about 5' x 9'. Although there's a light in the shower, the sconces will be the primary light source in the room.

I'm really confused about the effect of my various lighting options. We've had incandescent lighting in there since Day One, and the coloring is really okay with me. But obviously there are lighting options that didn't exist when we built our home 30+ years ago, and I want to choose wisely. My question is, what type of light bulb will provide the best light in terms of brightness and natural color?

I've pretty much eliminated fluorescent because my impression is that it's harsh and cold. But what about CFL? is the light color different than traditional fluorescent? And what do I need to know about halogen and LED?


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There are warm white CFL and led bulbs. All fluorescent lighting will take time to come up to full brightness.

Led bulbs like the Philips L prize winning bulb can be dimmed and do not have the delay associated with fluorescent lighting (CFL included).

Halogen bulbs run far hotter than the typical incandescent bulbs and would require the appropriate fixtures.

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