Substitute for LED Powercore undercabinet

colinhtuckerDecember 1, 2012

Retrofitting a kitchen florescent system new 8 years ago. All connect via one wall switch on mains power. Of the 6 bars of florescent, 4 now have failed ballasts.

After much research planned on upgrading to the Philips Powercore LED system. But while verifying installation plan, realized that the existing system connects via wall conduit that porpoises in and out of the tiled wall. One distance goes behind the wall for four feet, to allow for the cooktop. And the diameter of the conduit is too narrow to fish the proprietary powercore interconnect cables.

So much for the intro. I'd like a solution that allows use of the existing 110v hardwired conduit. That would be efficient and relatively simple. But I do not know of any LED undercabinet that both 1) accepts 110v power and 2) connects with bare wire instead of some sort of proprietary cable.

Suggestions on an alternate are very much appreciated - thanks!

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The powercore cable does not need to go into the wall. In fact the existing wiring should be terminated in an under mount box from which the powercore cable is attached.

Alternatively, you could look at kichler or max lite or UniLume solutions.

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Thank you for the suggestions. But it appears that each of these offerings requires use of undercabinet jumpers. That's difficult for my situation, especially with a four-foot expanse of open space over the cooktop to address. Thus the interest in finding something that can utilize the bare wire already in place, instead of jumpers.

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The separate sections are not inter-connected with jumper wires. Instead, they should be wired to the main wiring independently.

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It sounds like your existing setup has 110V AC wiring coming out from the walls for each cabinet run with all the wiring is tied to the same switch. If so, each cabinet run is already treated as a separate section.

All that is necessary is to connect the existing wiring to an under mount junction box for the eW Profile lights under each separate run of cabinets and terminating each run.

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