Thinning Decorative Accessories and Hiding Clutter

catkinJanuary 23, 2014

I have a weakness for decorative items. As much as I love them, I went through my home thoughtfully editing and was easily able to fill two storage tubs and may do more.

It's amazing how much lighter the rooms and I feel! It's as if I can breathe better and am mostly company ready--a goal I've wanted to reach for some time.

I admire those of you who have lived this way all along--I'm a late bloomer, I guess.

I've told myself I can store the things and change them out from time to time. Whether or not I do that remains to be seen. I also have stopped bringing in more things (almost!)

I have designated hidden spaces for necessary clutter (paper, etc.) and am now keeping on top of it. I will periodically go through drawers, chests and closets. I no longer want to come home from work and see so much to dust and crap laying around on surfaces.

It's now a lot easier to keep clean (love Swiffers) and when the season changes, I'll be able to turn my attention to the garden and not feel torn between that and housework/organizing.

Anyone else clearing out and lightening their load?

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I've been doing the same for the last year and it does feel better, but I've still a ways to go. I now find it almost impossible to buy something decorative as I look at them as something to clean and clean around.

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I have been doing this for the last few years since I've been in my late 40s. Then, having a move two years ago to a new state helped me edit even further. I think after so many years of settling and having to DIY a lot of projects (not that I didn't also have fun) and having to make do with well intentioned gifts from friends and/or relatives that I may have liked but wouldn't have necessarily chosen, I finally am able to buy a few large pieces instead of settling for something much smaller that was "not quite right but close enough" because we had such a tight budget.

I feel like more streamlined, organized decorating in general is catching on. Many decor magazines (websites etc.) don't seem to feature as many homes where every available inch of space is crammed with tchotchkes the way they seemed to 10 years ago. It's nice not having to move items to set down a drink and it feels freeing not to have to make sure I work around, trying to make an item fit in my home just because a friend gave it to me 10 years ago. My preference is to combine form and function when that is possible. And, you're right, It does feel much lighter!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Woohoo, Catkin! Good for you. I am partially there. I live with a hoarder, so I fear we will never be as de-cluttered as I would like, but I am making headway. I am about to clean out the kitchen stuff that I never use any more.

You are so right about the feeling of being lighter!

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I have less 'stuff' but the items are bigger, so take up more space, yet give me the look I want. Too many small 'tchochkes' can be overwhelming and dusting, forget it! Maybe it's time to get rid of some of the smaller things, and in your shopping 'excursions' start buying bigger, eventually 'upsizing'. ;)

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"store the things and change them out from time to time"

that's what I plan to do. not there yet cause I'm still in process. Have been going thru tons of boxes for the past yr. I had them all put in my LR/DR and I'm still working at them. I'm down to about 8 boxes. 3 or so are holiday decorations and at least 2 are china/glassware. I have no where to unpack those to right now - no real furniture in here yet. I'm having those set to the side for now until the flooring is down and furniture brought in.
I've been giving away a lot of decorations since I don't plan to do that much anymore. Most anything that isn't a family treasure or something I really love will have to live somewhere else.

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I always say I am getting cranky in my old age. Grandma called them dust catchers and had nothing but a few ash trays out. My mom is a boarderline hoarder. Her floor is clear but everything else is covered with stuff. I don,t like clutter but I don,t want to be grandma either. I think a house is not a home when it has nothing in it but furnature. So I try to strike a balance with the exception of my mantle . I have tons of things on it but thats just what seems to look right there

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I don't think anybody should feel guilty for wanting to be surrounded by things they love. That said, most of us have too much "stuff." it's like the old saying -- after you get dressed, look in the mirror and take one accessory off.

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I too am working on it. Not hard enough, but working on it. Books are my downfall, even with my e-reader.

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