Energy-Star fixture and bulb wattage?

pussuskattusDecember 19, 2010

Hello all -

I purchased a flush-mount ceiling fixture for my son's walk-in closet, and the fixture is Energy-Star rated and uses the GU24 bulb. The manufacturer's website says to use a 18W GU24 fluorescent in the fixture.

Can I use a higher-wattage bulb in the fixture if we want a little more light in there? The fixture is totally enclosed (flush-mount ceiling), but it is in a closet with a motion-detector switch, so it should never be on more than 30 minutes at a time, at most.

Here is the fixture, in case anyone is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Energy-Star Flush-Mount Ceiling fixture

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Probably. But check for any limitations on labels inside the fixture (there might be a maximum wattage).

GU24 lamps have integral ballasts, just like screw-in retrofit compact fluorescents. This means that the ballast and the lamp are always matched. The only difference is that GU24 lamps are acceptable to California's title 24 regulators and to Energy Star requirements, since no incandescent bulbs are made with GU24 bases.

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Thank you, I will check when it gets here.

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That website has that gu24 base in a 23 watt also.
They dont have any bulb dimensions listed though.

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The fixture the OP is asking about is not a motion sensor and a closet light typically won't be frequently cycled. The post above appears to be a generic ad for a website, presumably operated by "felguard."

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Yes, I agree with you, davidr. "Felguard" seems to have posted a lot of similiar posts all at about the same time.

However, since my son is 11 years old, I do suspect that there will be a few weeks of "rapid cycling" when he first discovers that they are controlled by motion sensor! :-)

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The OP IS asking for a light bulb that uses a fixture that is turned on by a "motion-sensor." I am simply suggesting him to take a look at LED lights since they are a plus when it comes to "instant on" and "rapid-cycling" features.

As for the advertising, I apologize if I have broken any rules. I can post the same type of content from ANOTHER site instead if that is the case.

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As the OP, I do agree that LED lights have an advantage over CFL's when it comes to instant on and brightness. However, LED's still have a significant disadvantage on price which is too high to pay for instant on in a young boys' closet. By the time the boy is old enough to really worry about the clothes in his closet, I am sure LED prices will have come down enough that I can change to an LED bulb.

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