Brand reliability - LG vs. Whirlpool washers

pegandkenDecember 22, 2013

I've got it narrowed down to the Whirlpool WFW88HEAW and the LG WM3470HVA washers for replacing my old HE3 Kenmore. After reading a lot of user comments it seems that both these machines are pretty good at cleaning clothes but I just can't decide which particular brand will last the longest?? Of course everyone wants a new washer that will last more than just a few years and not be in need of constant repair... maybe I'm dreaming?? Thanks for your time.

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My two cents.
I'd go with Whirlpool over LG any day.
I read on the boards horrible customer service and service times with LG.

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I'm not happy that my new LG2650 needs a new discharge pump after six months. I'm not happy that many features on my new LG washer, such as water heating, are very limited in actual use.
Buy the Whirlpool. I wish I had.

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Many thanks for your honest reviews. I was kind of leaning towards the whirlpool also. Take care.

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Don't buy LG, they are junk. Why do you want to switch from your Kenmore? I made that mistake twice and am sorry for doing so. Next time I'm back with Kenmore. I recommend an extended warranty with anything new you buy today.

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Kenmore is mostly LG built nowadays, Molly. They are to be avoided now too, in my book!


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You're absolutely correct about the Kenmore as I've heard there are basically a number of different manufacturers that make the Kenmore brand. I still have my old Kenmore HE3 washer and have never had a problem with it and I would have without a doubt gotten another Kenmore to replace it but it just sounds like the new "Kenmore's" are just not that reliable anymore.

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One of the bearings in our 5 yr/old Duet went out at the end of last year. It was going to be so expensive to fix that it make more sense to just replace it.

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I have a fantastic Kenmore d/w which was built by Whirlpool. It is far and away the best d/w I've ever owned. I don't know if Whirlpool makes any Kenmore washers or not. If LG makes them all, I would definitely go with Whirlpool. JMHO

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My family moved into a new house last summer, and how I miss the LG washer and dryer we bought for our old home! Our new house has a stacking Whirlpool set ( that, according to some receipts I found, was purchased just 1 1/2 years ago. Can't stand it. The washer is small, already rusty inside, it gets socks caught in the front gasket part, it wads sheets up, and every now and then I find a black mark on some clothing that is impossible to get out. The dryer will not fully dry a comforter without restarting the thing several times at the end.

The LG set we got is something like this:, and we got it at Best Buy. Love it. Has lots of settings; I especially liked the efficiency 20-min cycle that washed clothes perfectly fine. And you barely had to put any detergent into the thing. And the dryer worked great without wadding anything up (same with the washer).

I'm surprised to hear people complain about LG. I'm looking to replace the Whirlpool set and was thinking about going with LG again.


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I'm surprised to hear the complaints about LG, too. We like our new LGs so much I find myself doing "recreational" laundry (almost). One of the reasons we went with LG was the excellent warranty. After we bought them, I found out that several friends and family members also had LGs (some purchased 10+ years ago) and were happy with them. Even the basic models we bought have loads of settings that have ended up being really useful. These machines replace Askos that were very problematic.

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My LG frontload set (2650) has been great. No problems yet, but it's only been 2 years so I can't really give a personal experience on long term reliability. I bought it because of its high rating in Consumer Reports at the time, and the fact that it has one of the lowest bearing failure rates in the industry (according to a repairman friend). That said, Whirlpool is made in the USA which will be important to some. There will be good and bad reviews of everything, buy based on features, price, and performance.

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I agree that there is good and bad with all manufacturers. The problems that I have heard about with LG appliances in general, I was looking mainly at refrigerators, is that if there is a problem, it is difficult to get parts in a timely manner. After reading about these problems online, I called 3 authorized repair places before making a decision and all 3 said the same thing, it takes them longer to get the LG parts. .

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My Whirlpool Duet will be 9 years old Next month (April)..........

It has been *mostly* trouble free, there were a couple of issues the very first year......all remaining years have been trouble free pretty much.

I do know my particular Duet was built in Germany........I hear some of the Duet's now are made in Mexico, some are made in the US too.......I don't think they are made in Germany anymore (could be wrong on that).

But I would go with Whirlpool over LG any day too......

Even though something could go wrong with any washer, I think it's less likely with Whirlpool and even more LESS likely with Speed Queen. But Speed Queens are expensive.....and lack some features like a heater......

The thing I hate about extended warranties is the waiting.....

If something goes wrong, even if you have the warranty, you may have to go to the laundromat for a few weeks........techs first visit to diagnose............then "order" the part because they never have it with them".........then schedule to come back to install the part...........then, perhaps that was a wrong diagnosis........the new part didn't help..........We will have to order another part and try that"...........This kind of things happens! I hate to be negative........But some of experiences of others I've read makes me so paranoid. I hope my duet keeps chugging along.

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The Whirlpool FL I bought a year and a half ago is made in the U.S. and is direct drive (not belt driven). Our appliance dealer said Whirlpool was made in Mexico up until 2 years ago, and are now made in the U.S. My son has an LG and it is direct drive also....he has had no problems and neither have we. I mention direct drive because our washer is so dancing around and it is on the 1st floor (over floating laminate floor) of our house. Our belt-driven FL danced around and sounded like a jet taking off when it was on spin cycle.

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The Consumer Reports reliability survey rates the LG front load at a frequency of repair of 6%. Whirlpool is double at 12%. We just bought a LG WM3470HVA, and have had it for a month now. Works very well. No regrets.

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Id like to add that I exchanged my whirlpool and LG for a GE which I've had for 2 yrs now zero issues. I like the speed wash cycle too.

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