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EATREALFOODDecember 1, 2011

Ok I am confused about whether I will have enough light in the kitchen 10 x 12 room(35 lumens sq/ft x 120sq ft=4200 ?)

2 upper cabinets on one wall, 2 towers on the other wall , it's wired for:

1)4 pendants total, 2 along each wall of cabinets 75w max per pendant

2)ceiling fan in middle of ceiling(I have to check max. w.)

3)under cabinet lighting: 1 outlet above each row of uppers/towers, 1 junction box below for each tranformer hookup.

2 light switch on uppers wall (1 switch for under cabinet (task lighting) and 1 switch for over cabinet lighting) and 1 light switch for (under/over) towers

I realize that CFL bulbs in the pendants will produce max. light using less watts, but I do not like them. Will 75W incandescents in pendants/fan and flourescent or LED undercabinet lighting be sufficient ?

Can you use CFLs and incandescents interchangeably in any pendants that lists incandescent bulb ?

Doing a rough calculation with 5--75w (pendant&fan light) I am at 4000 lumens. Thank you

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A naked 75W incandescent bulb outputs ~ 1100 lumens.

Since there will be a lamp shade/ cover, you can cut the output (conservatively) by 25% (825 lumens).

The lumen output from the pendants and fan may be sufficient.
If you intend to use all light sources together, you would have enough lighting.

The assumption is that the light will be evenly distributed.

Generally, incandescents can be replaced with CFLs.
The main exceptions are
1. The incandescent is on a dimmer switch. Dimmable CFLs are not common and are step dimmed.
2. There are restrictions on the physical bulb size. CFLs tend to be bigger than incandescents. A micro CFL might fit.

Many energy efficient lamp/ bulb manufacturers like to use the phrase XX watt equivalent without divulging the actual lumen output.

75W equivalent LEDs are now available and do not have the slow turn on characteristic of CFLs. The Philips A21 LED produces at least as much light as the equivalent incandescent bulb.

Here is a link that might be useful: Philips A21 LED at Home Depot

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Thank you for the fast response. I was planning on a dimmer for the pendants so that information about CFL on dimmers is helpful. I do not care for the delayed turn on of the CFL's so I'm leaning towards
1)LED or Incandescent for pendants/fan
2)LED or flourescent for cove/under cabinet

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If you're not too concerned with saving energy in the short term or have an aversion to the heat from incandescents, use incandescents first and swap them out gradually.

For cove and under cabinets, if you're looking at direct wiring solutions, the Philips eW profile strips are good.

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Thank you. Please bear with me..
Are Led and incandescents bulbs interchangeable in most fixtures ? Some lighting websites list lights by bulb type and just a random glance at min-pendant lights(Arcadian) show a Led output of 3w/40 lumens per watt, too low.
I would get more lumens with an energy efficient incandescent(Aero-tech) type bulb ? I would like to spend $100. max cost per light., not sure if Led fixtures are cost more, will check.

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There are LED equivalents available for most incandescent bulb types.

Most incandescent bulbs utilize a screw in base. The most common is the E26.

However, the output and quality varies quite a bit.

Will incandescents outperform LEDs? No. The typical lumens per watt rating for an incandescent is under 20 lumens per watt.

The question is whether you would be able to find an energy efficient replacement of the incandescent bulbs required in the existing fixtures.

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I have not purchased the pendants yet.If I use LED I need to get a LED pendant light w/ a 9-13w LED bulb which is equivalent to a 75W incandescent bulb. Is this correct? The LED fixtures can be dimmed ? Is this correct?
Will light fixtures that state " ie: 75w" "100w" incandescent need to be replaced when these bulbs are phased out or can you buy energy efficient(halogen)incandescents to replace them ? I guess what I find confusing is that fixtures are being sold using incandescent bulbs, where will this leave people when the bulbs are phased out ?

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If the pendants are to use a A19 base bulb (for example), they will have the E26 Edison base. You will need to use a sample LED bulb (eg - Philips Ambient LED A19) to see if the bulb will fit under the shade nicely. You'll also need to consider that the better Philips LED bulbs look weird (especially when they are off).

On the plus side, they can be dimmed.

In time, you will need to use energy efficient bulbs - CFLs or LED. In the worst case, the fixture will need to be modified.

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Thanks davidtay-yep they are uglier than sin, that's for sure. Before I buy anything online I'm heading to a lighting shop to see what kind of kitchen pendants can hide these things and still give me light. I wonder if others are looking into this before they buy those lovely pendants w/o diffusers...

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