Dryer drums: stainless? porcelain? polymer?

alisandeDecember 27, 2006

I see that most of you are into the higher-end laundry machines, but I could use some help choosing between three mid-priced Whirlpools. They are (with Best Buy prices):

Whirlpool 7.0 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle Super Capacity Electric Dryer - White WED5800SW - $449

Whirlpool 7.0 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle Super Capacity Plus Electric Dryer - White WED5830SW - $404

Whirlpool Cabrio 7.0 Cu. Ft. Super Capacity Plus 7-Cycle Electric Dryer - White WED6200SW - $539

The first one listed has a stainless steel drum, the second one a porcelain drum, and the third is made of a polymer. I always lean toward stainless, but what do I know? When it comes to dryers, not much. I haven't even looked at them in over a decade.

According to Best Buy's comparison chart, there aren't that many differences among the three models. The Cabrio has no interior light, but I can't remember if my present dryer has one or not. (I told you I don't know much!)

If any of you can recommend one over the others (or put in a plug for another favorite), I'd appreciate it.



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I would opt for stainless steel, too. One of my dryers has a light but it burns out so frequently I usually forget about it for years at a time.

One thing with stainless, if you melt something or a crayon gets loose in the drum, etc, I think it will clean up better than with plastic. And a porcelain drum would always be susceptible to having little pieces cracked off it by errant metal things like nails forgotten in pockets etc. Once porcelain is cracked it can snag, and of course rust.

BTW, I think regular "American" large capacity dryers are wonderful. Important to me are a no heat setting, and a moisture-controlled sensor, not a timer system. One of those flat drying do-hickies would be nice, too. I would also like a delayed start function, if there is such a thing.



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Theoretically, I'd prefer stainless to porcelain. In actual experience, however, I've never had a bit of trouble with either. For myself, I regard as non-issue. Know nothing about polymer alternative.

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I don't think their drum is a polymer but they use a Powder Coat finish on the steel drum. A powder coat is a more durable painting process and is harder to chip or crack. The W/P website does call out a powder coated drum for the WED6200.

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I have a stainless drum on my dryer and I like it a lot. I also have a light in my dryer and I can't live without it. I would stick with the stainless, you'll never have to worry about chipping or cracking of the finish although you may have to contend with some small dents from coins or other hard objects that may get put into the dryer.

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