Interior Step Lighting Suggestions?

Ellen_2468December 21, 2011

We need to make a choice about step lighting for interior stairs. One choice appears to be between LED and CFL (assuming we don't do incandescent). Another is between louvered lights and regular flat open lights. I would like to hear suggestions of what people find works best of these or any other options. Thank you for your help.

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There are so many choices out there now - I used to like the simple rectangular framed glass ones placed on both side walls, every few stairs, but the small size of LEDs opens up new options like hiding a strip of LEDs in each step overhang, the light source hidden but lighting up all the stairs equally. Or you can hide LEDs in wall mouldings or railings, or conversely you can place them in open view if they look good. GIS "step lighting" for some ideas, like this would look good with white instead of blue LEDs.

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Lee - interesting idea! We will look at that.

We are also now looking at having these lights have a motion sensor and wonder if anyone has experience with particular brands or models.

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I use a special kid for stair lighting. I ordred one in Poland. At first I thought it was a bit risky but quickly got set. The effect can be seen in the film. Wooden stairs so I order the color strips - Warm White.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stair lighting

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Those step lights are wonderful. I assume the LED strips are under the stair nosing making them inappropriate for use on stairs with carpeting? Is this assumption correct?


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