WT4870CW anyone own this machine?

fastonetimeDecember 12, 2012

Hi all. My maytag MTW5600 needs another transmission. The first two sears sent came damaged an leaking oil bad. So they offered a replacement (story of my life) also I saw LG had just came out with this wave force, non wave force TL washer WT4870CW. Can anyone tell me about this model and since it doesn't say wave force will it be limited to that wash action? Because it says 6 wash motions on the control panel.

I had a new baby and I cannot stand the excess lint balls on his clothes and on mine. Even when I use fabric softener the lint is still there. So I'm interested in this LG TL. I had last years model of the Kenmore Elite that damaged itself. Do you think that LG figured out what was going wrong and fixed this issue with the new machines? Maybe the software updated? I liked these machines cus they use ALOT of water. Any info helps!

Hey sparky! ;)

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I can see no reference to waveforce or 6-Motion on the control panel.

So they offered a replacement Therefore, I suppose, you cannot just get a Speed Queen and be done with all this once and for all?

Don't know if LG fixed the issue but...

Here is a link that might be useful: it sure looks scary.

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Hi I saw the 6motion in the use an care manual for this washer. I took a screen snapshot of it. Wonder why the manual shows it but the pictures do not. I checked and it says this is the manual for the only model WT4870CW.

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It's definitely neither on the pictures Sears has nor on the pictures on lg.com. I have seem videos of the model below this one and it never WaveForce-ed. Just spun very slowly back and forth during the wash cycle.

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Now what's the difference or upgrade from the older model to this one? Is this a good washer?

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This one is a downgrade. It's the second model in LG's line-up with three models above it. The model above this one adds a different interface/cycles and WaveForce, the next model a heater and the TOL a touch screen interface and WiFi capability.

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I saw this model at Home Depot and the panel didn't say 6 motion. Hmm. Weird. Sears authorized a replacement but up too 800 dollars. Which there wasn't many washers worth choosing at that low of price. But they did offer me a Master Protection agreement until the end of 2015. So that's worth a couple of 100 dollars. Other wise I'm happy!

What causes the "wave force action" because I checked and felt the under lip of both washers, this model an the one with wave force and they both feel and look exactly the same.

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What causes the "wave force action"?

The software version that is installed on the machine.

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Since these lg washers use a lot of water for HE can I use a non he soap in and be fine?

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I would think you should use HE soap only. Would this not be a very similar washer to what you had months back with the touch screen, same washing etc minus touch screen?

I thought you wanted a regular top load for quicker cycles and plenty of water.?

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Hi sparky. Don't get me wrong I love the fast cycles and yes this is almost the same as the touch screen, just a little down graded and also this years model. I'm hoping the new software is better. Plus this washer has speed wash, the touch screen didn't. I just bought cheer liquid he an love the smell. Why can't I find it in the powder in he? The touch screen one I had used a lot of water. Filled all the way up. So I'm hoping this one does too!

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Sparky plus I hate hate hate the lint :( it really sucks. Everything has it. My blankets. T shirts everything. To much lint being produced in the wash. Now I see why people say the agitator is so harsh.

Love love love the Cheer liquid HE. The smell stays and is very different, in a nice, new welcome way. Not sure how well it will work on whites and stains.

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Anyone know the cycle times on this machine?

And whirlpooltrainee the washer this one replaced you mentioned was 5 amps. This one is 10 amps. And so are the upgraded wave force ones. Is higher amps better? Could it mean that this washer does have the 6 motions?

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I don't know about amps but I can't imagine there's a relation between amps and WaveForce. I think neiter the of the WT48xx have the waterfall action. Only the 50xx, 51xx and 60xx.

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