Recessed Lighting for Enclosed Screened Porch

aag3December 29, 2009

I have recently enclosed a screened porch and will need some additional ceiling lighting. It will be used as a office and TV room. The ceiling will be sloped and covered in bead board. What is the best recessed lighting for this room? I often hear the term "pot lights" used on the the decorating shows. I have no experience or knowledge of the different lighting products out there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Recessed light fixtures in sloped ceilings usually require such large oval openings that they don't hide the lamps which is pretty annoying IMHO. I usually resort to track lighting. Some of the low voltage fixtures are pretty nice these days.

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I would use 4" Low Voltage recessed fixtures with a regressed adjustable gimbal trim, such as a Juno IC44-444bk.
I'm assuming that the ceiling is insulated and I have suggested an insulated recessed housing.
By using a recessed gimbal trim ,you will control any uncomfortable glare, and the gimbal will compensate any ceiling up to a 4/12 pitch.
If you want the best trim substitute trhe 447cwh clear alzak.
Use a 50mr16/fl(EXN)lamp.
Don't cheaap out with a 120volt GU10 as the lamp is just a piece of junk.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

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