My beautiful hood is scratched!..

inspiredisabelJanuary 31, 2013

It was installed a few days ago and I guess I never got a good look at it until today when I decided to clean all the grubby fingerprints off it. The side it is scratched on isn't the most visible side. I plan on telling the installer tomorrow but what should I really expect from them? Is there anything I can do to try and remove or lessen the appearance?

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longer scratches in the middle...

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Was the protective coating left on during installation? Our installer removed the blue plastic film before installing plus broke down the box and recycled it. Uh, what happens if we need to return it?

This can be buffed out by a professional, but I would find out if it was scratched by the installer or in transit. The granite installers scratched our rangetop. We took it to a company that specialized in stainless steel fabrication. One hour and $60 later it looked brand new.

Good luck!

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There actually wasn't the blue protective film on it. I will check into having it buffed out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Rachiele, LLC

I found a good video online that might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to remove scratches from stainless steel

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Your installer should have liability insurance.

Buffed out?? I doubt it.

It should be replaced.

We had a custom insert made by a local company when we built our house.

The installer scraped the finish on my Woodmode mantel. It was impossible to repair. Their liability insurance replaced it.

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Thank you for the video drachiele! The scratches aren't deep so maybe there is hope?

red lover - the GC is stopping by this afternoon so I will see what happens with that. Thanks for responding.

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