How high should vanity lights be-9' ceilings?

swhite10December 4, 2010

Our vanity lights were installed yesterday and in the master bath, they are nearly at the ceiling. I don't know why it was wired so high up, and of course I never knew anything was askew until the lights were installed. There's obviously plenty of room for a humongous mirror. I don't even know what options I have at this point, but they do look ridiculous sitting up that high. How high are your vanity lights installed on the wall with your 9' ceilings?

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If you are talking about on either side of the mirror, they shouild be mounted 5'6".
If your're talking about over the mirror, it should be mounted at 6'6" to 7'0".

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My builder and I had this discussion yeasterday. Most vanity lights are placed atleast 6'3" to around 7'. Partly depends on the size of your lights.(He had me bring the print out of the lights I ordered with the sizes) Also have to account for hieght of user.(Planning for future growth of my 14 year 6' son in his bathroom)

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Our are mounted higher because of the height of the mirror that's going in there. I remember it all clearly now, but had to be reminded by several workers why they were placed so high.
Thanks for your responses!

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