How much clearance needed for cabinets above washer/dryer suite?

smiles33December 8, 2013

I have exactly 54" from the floor to the bottom lip of the cabinets above where my washer/dryer outlets are. It seems like most of the FL laundry suites I'm considering have washers around 38" high and if I get pedestals, it will be 15.5" extra. Together, that is 53.5" and only 0.5" below my cabinets. I wonder if it's just too little clearance. Obviously, the FL and dryer doors are in the front of the unit, so my concern is more with air circulation (if necessary?) and other unanticipated issues.

If it were you, would you just go with TL instead to avoid the height clearance issue?

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check the mfgrs installation requirements for specific info, but think about this: stackable units have NO air circulation above the lower unit of the two. :)

I'd do EVERYTHING I could to avoid using a TL. seriously.
If it were me, I'd not worry about the small clearance, but of course the units should be installed LEVEL and for that there may be issues when the legs are adjusted...

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Mine have 1.25" between the cabinet and top of washer. That's just how it happened to work out. As Dave mentioned there should be specs on how much clearance, as they install units under countertops. You can shop for units that will fit or if you have one you specifically want, just build a custom pedestal to the height you need.

My cabinet measures 53" and what I did was find an actual set sitting on the pedestals and measured the units. It seems like when they attach the pedestals there is also some leeway since they remove the washers feet to attach the pedestal. And like you I was getting very little clearance when I would add the numbers. So I wanted to be sure they would actually fit.

I've been using FL for decades with no issues so I would never go back. The only issue I have is when I forget to push the button to turn it on! I seem to have the same issue with the dishwasher.

So even though we have some of the best and easiest supplied water in our area, we also have high water rates. With the Feds putting stricker regulations on our water supply I can only foresee the rates continuing to rise. Personally, I feel my FL washes better plus I don't have to spend extra money for water and sewer. So I would not recommend buying a top loader for that reason, or if you have a septic system.

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I went to a local big box store and they didn't have the pedestals, but the associate just added the specs off the website and it's an 1" too tall. So I'm looking at another model that's 3/4" shorter, which means only shaving 1/4" off the cabinets (with a sander?).

I have had a Frigidaire (made by Electrolux in Atlanta) FL for the past 11 years and like it very much. I toyed with the idea of getting a Speed Queen, but I'm not ready to go back to a TL. Thanks all.

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