New Persil tabs and sensitive gel

westvillagerDecember 13, 2010

The place I buy my laundry detergent gave me (what looks like) trial-sized packages of some new Persil detergent "tabs" and a sample of their Sensitive formula in a gel form.

The tabs look like other detergent packets with powder and gel. Hmm. I'm not really a packet person (no control!) but I'll try 'em. Guess Henkel crossed that line too.. Lol.

He said they were new but I didn't ask if he only meant new for them.

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Gel is great. Packets will be gong bye-bye -- to my neighbor whose cleaning lady, apparently, "prefers" packets. :\

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Hi westvillager, thanks for the review. I find tabs/packets useful to take with me when going on vacation. We often rent condos or apartments and end up doing laundry when traveling and I prefer taking a few tabs with me rather than buying some unknown detergent in large quantity (especially when abroad).

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westvillager, is the gel the creamy/sort of white one? I've been tempted to try it (although it does contain optical brighteners). I use the Sensitive perls for whites and prefer the much milder scent to regular Persil.

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Not much of a review izeve. Lol. I'm a Persil cultist so I was intrigued by the, apparently, new formats. (New to me at least!) I get the appeal of packets but I've never traveled with detergent. Makes sense though.

The cleaning lady at the weekend house holds the gel color knowledge. She used it to do some bed linen over the weekend and we left with only two sets of pillowcases. They're white, so the brightener's a plus. Fragrance is subjective so dunno how other noses would react but seems the same as the powder to us.

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