How long would you keep fixing your washer??

bookertDecember 11, 2010

So, I own a GE Harmony w/out a heater. I think it's about 7 years old now. I really like it! I was contemplating buying the new LG Waveforce with the heater, but couldn't convince my husband to go for it! =)

Last year the transmission was repaired. Big job, the tech had to have a helper out to complete the job.

Sometimes the digital display is slow to come on.

I don't have a warranty and know the main controller boards are roughly $300.

What other issues could I face with this age factor?

Would I be able to repair any issues easily myself as the F & P's seem to be?

Is the transmission repair a main operating component?

How many years can you repair these units and still have the same quality of washing?

I hope I'm making sense here.

I guess I'm trying to ask if repairing this for years to come is reasonable.

The wash disk is thick shiny stainless steel and I noticed on the new LG it's brushed and doesn't look as thick.

My wash water for all settings is wonderful! I feel this unit doesn't have a dumbed down setting on temps. and this factor causes me to think about keeping it.

Your thoughts?

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You've got to decide for yourself how long you want to put money in to a machine that is probably within 3 years of its projected lifespan. Take a hard look at what is on the market that is equal in features and price. Are their any features you don't currently have that you'd want (I'd like one with an inline heater) or those you have that you don't need?

If you figure its worth about 30% of what you paid for it, factor that in with the cost of anticipated repairs, vs. the cost of a new unit.

Personally, I would be researching new units and starting a replacement fund if at all possible.

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Too bad you missed out on the sale of the Waveforce washer at home depot for 698.00 last month. I personally would not do another high cost repair on it, meaning anything lover 250 dollars for labor and parts.

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Well maybe I'll have to find another used one and the model that has the heater.
I was on the fence last month, so yes, I did miss out.
I know there are lots of old washers out there going strong after 10 years, but maybe they are of a different species! =)

Thanks for your thoughts.

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The GE harmony washer is made by LG. The new Wave force washer that LG makes is based on the harmony. My new Wave force washer will be delivered on the 28th of december. MY FL doesnt like to spin full loads anymore, and even if I fix it myself, it would not be cost effective to do so on a 9 plus year old machine. I got the LG on Sale, so it was a good deal for me.

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There are lots of washers with decades of service behind them, but they don't build them like that anymore, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Today's washers are far more efficient and offer many more features.

One consideration in finding another washer like the one you have is that it's older, too, and you may find yourself getting it just in time for more (expensive) repairs.

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yes, I am aware of that actually and like the Harmony build better. I don't know why! =)

so true.... the transmission went out on my used Harmony, but I like it so much, I'm hoping it limps along.
Sometimes people use machines very little and move good deals can be had.
If the Waveforce comes down in price again, it may be an option as well.

I hate to think of how many machines are at the dump due to parts being so expensive these days. Sad, sad, sad!

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Putting money into something older isn't always a bad idea. Since you like the washer, that says something. How heavy use does it get? That should weigh into your considerations too.

I'm not sure that spending $1000 or more is necessarily going to give you more than a $300 repair. Or two $300 repairs, or three for that matter. As long as it's working, a $$1000 or more washer is of no more value than what you have.

If the frequency of repair is getting high, that's another consideration. Much like a car. Even putting a transmission in for $3000 can often be better than spending $30,000 on a new vehicle.

Only you can decide where to draw the line. Just don't get misled by the "new is always better" philosophy. I'm running a 30+ year old washer and it's going to keep going as long as it serves me. I don't change them to get a new gadget or a new color. What troubles me is seeing landfills filling with appliances because they're the "wrong color".

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