Sushi/Bacon --- For Johnliu

dcarch7August 31, 2012

John, Although Bacon pairs well with fish, unfortunately their respective cooking times are very different.

However, it is possible to have crsipy bacon and sushi fish together, you just need to cook them separate.

Spicy Salmon roll in crispy bacon ring


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Tell me again how you cook the bacon rings? Do you have a set of metal pipes cut to size?

I think you need to make bowls of crisp bacon. Many uses, from salads to soups.

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I could eat that for breakfast. All seven, right now.

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OMG! My two favorite things--sushi and bacon. I do remember these pics and enjoy licking seeing them again.

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Thanks Cathy. I have made bacon with sushi many times. This is a new one made to show John one method on how crispy you can make the bacon without overcooking the fish. John was deep frying bacon with the fish (sashimi grade tuna).

FOAS, thanks. I have found that baking bacon renders out the most fat, and that allows you to enjoy more bacon without feeling guilty.

Making bacon rings on round object is difficult; one, you cannot always find the object with the exact diameter, the other, as you know bacon shrinks making it not possible to remove the rings without breaking them up after baking.

I developed this method to overcome these two problems.

1. Get aluminum roof flashing (Home Depot)
2. Get Hose clamps (size is up to you, Home Depot)

Use the aluminum flashing to form a tube, and use the hose clamps to hold the tube in shape.

Oil the tube and wrap bacon rushers tightly on the tube and bake.

After the bacon is done to your liking, tighten the hose clamps slightly to make the tube diameter smaller, the bacon rings will come off easily.

It is so wonderful to have crumpling crispy bacon with velvety sushi in the same mouthful.

It is so amazing to have sous vide creamy scallops, caramelized in bacon fat to be enjoyed in the same bite with crackling bacon.

Textural contrast at it's best!


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Clever! I like it, esp the part about being able to "shrink" the tube to remove the bacon.

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I'm late to this discussion, but I definitely would enjoy the combination of bacon & sushi. Not traditional, but most of the "artisinal" rolls I already enjoy are not traditional either.

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I think I will use this method for the tuna dinner!

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Dcarch, I love your use of hose clamps.
Unfortunately most of mine are not stainless steel.
Is there a method of making my hose clamps 'anti-
I love my dinner guests, but I don't want them to
die a painfull death.
And, if indeed, the hose clamps were stainless steel,
what guarantee would I have that my guests wouldn't die?

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Food borne bacteria won't survive a 400 F oven.

Doesn't matter if the cooking tool is stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, whatever.

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If you buy new hose clamps, why would they be any more likely to kill your guests than new cooking implements bought from the supermarket or department store?

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Good point Colleenoz, dumb question on my part.

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