Kitchen lighting with sloped cieling. (LED, Hallogen, Track)

drake64December 5, 2012

Hello, remodeling kitchen, currently have a box in the center of the kitchen with 8 - 48 inch T12 bulbs. In my late 40's I would say the light is adequate but could be better.

The ceiling above the counter is at a 14 degree slope, 7ft 6 inches (90 inches) from the floor.

Most of the counter space, sink and range are on one wall 210 inches long. There are no upper wall cabinets on this wall. There are a couple of windows but I live in Seattle, not a lot of light.

I am open to any lighting at this time and have a few weeks to purchase. I have access to the ceiling above the kitchen.

While I like the LED lights it looks like I need to use LE6's (looks like about 4 if I understood the smart guys recommendation of 1 every 3 to 4 feet). They run $107 each (plus a can?)

We plan to move in 3 or 4 years so I am not sure they would payoff.

suggestions welcome, thank you for your help and suggestions.

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You could try using cove lighting using T5 fluorescent tubes hidden above crown molding.

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Thank you davidtay, Ill look into it, I dont think I have room to build a box above the windows along that wall.

I did not describe it very well, there are 2 windows (4ft they go to the beginning of the slope.

I have seen your name a lot here, thank you for your thoughts.

I am using your estimates for spacing to think about how much recessed led's would cost.

Am I understanding correctly that LE6's (well from cree anyway) are the only choice for a 14 degree slope? I have about 18 inches above the ceiling to put fixtures. Pity the sloped cans and LED's are so expensive.

Thank you for your time.

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Sylvania has gimbal LEDs that are cheaper than the Le6.

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Thank you sir, I am looking at them.

I understand you do not like the color of them correct?

Are there other issues?


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I don't mind the color. However, I've found that Sylvania lights have poorer dimming performance and have a perceptible delay coming on.

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Well I have looked into a few things and found a good deal on craigslist for something (vent hood and sink) so I can now afford the CREE's as you recommend davidtay. No sense asking an expert then not listening.

I plan to install 4 along my wall following your recommendations elsewhere.

are Cree RR6-12W good fixtures? Do you reccomend anything else? I am installing above sheet rock in an insulated space. Does the le6 seal like the Lr 6 in this fixture?

Thank you for all your help. Planning to order from polar ray this week.

I think in your other posting you recommend dimmers and such so I should be good there. Thanks.

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The CR6 has better dimming performance than the LR6 and costs less. It is typically installed on flat and not sloped ceilings though.

The LE6 is expensive which would be easier to justify if you stay in your current location for quite a while. The dimming performance is also worse than the CR6.

If you don't mind the initial delay or dimming performance (compared with the CR6), the Sylvania RT lights are better value than the LE6 and probably easier to install as they utilze the more commonly used torsion spring mechanism.

If the cans are covered in insulation, the seal would not matter anyway.

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thank you davidtay! We hope to move in the next 3 or 4 years so this is not our long term home. I have never had lights that dim so I dont think Ill miss it. The delay turning on should not be any worse than my t12 tubes.

For this novice easy to install is almost as important as price. Hopefully in 4 years when I do this again (in another house) they will have better lighting choices.

Thank you.

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It will be fun to play with the dimming Ill pick one of the approved dimmers and hopefully make it work.

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