Help - need soution - w/d stack removal from tight fit alcove

elphaba_gwDecember 2, 2012

We're in the middle of major remodel of a hall bath. An alcove (i.e. closet without a door) for a washer/dryer stack is part of the requirements. In the middle of that now when I realize because it is a tight fit, it is going to be a HUGE DEAL if and when we decide to replace machines or if they need maintenance to the extent they need to be pulled out of alcove. Doesn't help that these machines are fairly large Samsung, not compact.


I think I've got SOME help with this problem because I am requiring access panels in back (on wall in a spare room).

BUT the REAL problem is if these machines need to be removed. I could give space dimensions but I will not unless someone feels they need it. What I'm thinking is that casters might be the solution. Stack could be rolled out and then moved sideways down a 36 inch aisle out the door which is also 36 inches.

Problem is I can't find anywhere on the web where this has been done before. I'm particularly worried about vibration with the casters. Think I need REALLY heavy duty casters attached to some kind of platform? Do I need to worry about ventilation?

Also, some issues with stability if both are rolled out together? Anyone with experience on this? Maybe wall on the side of alcove which borders a hallway could be made to be easily "destroyed"? (Hopefully this last option isn't only one because that "ship may have already sailed".)

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Samsung does list alcove/closet requirements at their website for each model and a stacked configuration. We have Mieles and when the Miele techs have come to service our units they also have a large sheet of a plastic composite that they slip under the unit to easily pull it forward. Works like a charm and the only issue you might have is a difference in flooring heights between your alcove and adjoining space where your unit will be pulled out to service.

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Thanks - I found the manual. Since there is no door on the "alcove", looks like we're okay as far as reqs but still going to be a big job to get those babies out of that closet when their time comes. Still thinking..
Manual says not to put machines on a "platform" which is what I was thinking of. In a post somewhere else, a "motion platform" was mentioned which looked exactly what we need and looks like good ones aren't cheap but I'm still concerned about vibration which the manual mentions. Don't want them to go out before their time.

Thanks again for the info.

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Not sure what "platform" references in your case without the model numbers. Is it a reference to the stacking kit? Also, Samsung does have a customer participation forum and here is the search for "stacking": Samsung forums: stacking

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That's a great link, fahrenheit! Am definitely bookmarking that - though reading it seems to turn up yet more problems, LOL. Never appreciated the people with the skills for remodeling as much as I do now. Thanks again.

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