Dimmer with Sylvania RT6 Gimbal LED Downlight

drake64December 12, 2012

Any dimmer suggestions for the Sylvania RT6 Gimbal LED Downlight?

I understand they do not dim very well and I can live with that.

I will be using 4 on one dimmer.

Thank you.

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Lutron DV cl dimmers should work fine.

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Would MS-OP600M or MS-VP600M work ok? Concerned with making minimum load.

Nice to have an auto on sensor, though it means switching the box to the other side of the wall. Easiest dry wall work I will do with this project I suspect!

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Neat simple as well thanks again davidtay! Led's on the way and I found cans here in one of the big box stores.

Its a halo, looks ok.

Sheet rock wire and cans in this weekend.

Thanks so much Ill post a photo after I am done. Hoping by the end of the year!

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