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yuki-chanJanuary 9, 2014

I am on the home stretch of my home overhaul (thanks to all you guys with helpful info along the way). I'm now down to deciding on a backsplash. My kitchen cabinets are white shaker, the floor is dark espresso hardwood and my counter top is a solid gray quartz. I love the timeless look of white subway tiles but I'm worried it might be too plain. I also don't want something too 'loud' that I would get tired off in a few years (or have them become dated). I have found these herringbone marble tiles and now I'm sort of torn between these (which have more grout line ... eek) and the 4x8" white subway tiles. Thoughts?

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I LOVE the herringbone tiles! I am in the midst of my backsplash search too so I can completely understand your decision making issues. I think the herringbone gives it some texture and interest without being too flashy.

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I like the herringbone better than plain old subway tile, but I think I'd still like some color somewhere.

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I love the marble herringbone. One of my favorite backsplashes is GW member enduring's, which she did herself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Enduring's herringbone backsplash

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I really like the marble of the herringbone, but I'm a traditionalist and find subway tile classic. Can you find subway tile in the marble? That might add interest but keep it timeless? Just a thought. (and my two cents...for what it's worth) :)

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I really like the herringbone with your kitchen selections.

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Herringbone. It is a little different yet very traditional and simple. I have a lot of subway in this house and my last house, and I am getting a little bored with it --- so I may have a bias.

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Herringbone looks great. Add pops of color with vases or appliances or a clock, etc.

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I love the herringbone too - it's classic, the marble gives it some oomph. Nice thing is you have a nice neutral pallet that you can accent with wall colours, vases etc. and change when you get bored.

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I also have white shaker and solid gray quartz (Silestone gray expo...whats yours?) and had the same sample and chickened out & went for subway!
One reason I went with this particular marble was that it seemed to have a lot of color variation which I liked. It does, but from a distance it still reads fairly solid, or at least calm, so I bet even the herringbone would be really pretty and interesting and would not be busy or loud at all.

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Here's another from farther away

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I love the herringbone but I have seen some GWers with beautifully interesting marble subway. I wish I could remember who, but someone has subway tile with beveled edges (or something, sorry I'm not good with technical terms). Anyway, it's not just flat, but it's still very classic.

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I love the herringbone! I realize it has more grout, but I think if it's sealed you'll be just fine. You're not cooking directly on top of the backsplash. And that herringbone is fantastic looking.

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With your solid gray countertops, I think a marble backspash would be beautiful & timeless. I HAVE to exhaust all possible options before making a decision. My advice would be to get some marble subway tiles in different sizes & compare the looks. I noticed your white subways are 4x8" and the herringbone tiles are much smaller. You might try 4x8 & 3x6" in marble?
Depending on how big of an area you are tiling, one size might look better than the other.

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Thanks everyone for the great responses!!! I'm definitely leaning more towards marble. I'm going to stop by the tile store tomorrow to look at more tiles :D :(

@homebuyer - my counter is Silestone Kensho and I love your backsplash

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Word of warning - if you go with the herringbone (which I vote for too!) make sure you are very clear with your tile guy on which direction you want the zig zag to go. I remember reading a post from someone who walked into their kitchen to find their new backsplash done as a vertical herringbone. Don't assume the tile guy thinks like you do, or that anything is standard.

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